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Death Stranding is a 2019 action game created by Kolyma Productions. It is the first game from supervisor Video Kolyma and Kolyma Productions after their split from INAMI in 2015. It was launched by Sony Interactive Home Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 in November 2019 as well as by 505 Games for Windows in July 2020. An updated variation for PlayStation 5, Death Stranding Supervisor’s Cut, was introduced in June 2021 and was released on September 24, 2022. The game is established in the USA adhering to a catastrophic event which triggered harmful animals to begin roaming the Planet. Gamers regulate Sam Door person Bridges (Norman Reeds), a carrier entrusted with providing supplies to isolated swarms and reconnecting them by means of a wireless interactions network. Together with Reeds, the game features actors Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seymour, Margaret Quality, Troy Baker, Tommie Earl Jenkins, as well as Lindsay Wagner, in addition to the likenesses of film directors Guillermo del Too and Nicolas Winding Ref as supporting characters.
Death Stranding usually obtained beneficial testimonials, with critics praising its voice acting, soundtrack, and also visuals, with even more blended point of views concerning its gameplay as well as story. The game was nominated for as well as won several honors, consisting of Game of the Year. By July 2021, the game had marketed 5 million copies worldwide. Various commentators kept in mind that components of the game looked like the COVID-19 pandemic, which started within a month of its launch.

The best stories in video games this year.

Stories have always been an integral part of games as entertainment medium, and they became more and more important for outstanding experiences, as the industry is matured and more experience is to write and tell stories. Of course, there is still a lot to learn, but still there was a lot of games in 2019, whose stories have really noticed from one way or another.

Here we will honor our ten nominees for the best narrative in 2019, before we finally recognize what we are a winner in this category.

Note: The nominated and winners were determined by an internal coordination among the entire GamingBolt employees.

The nominees:

Death True

We expect exciting history to be seen in a game of Video Kolyma, and although his last worldwide effort in this department failed, Death Stranding left a lot to be desired. Full of curry, self-sufficient exposure, bizarre turns and twists and survival-sized characters. Death Stranding tells a surreal story that succeeds as a narrative of great extent and ambitions as well as a personal narrative of connections and ties.


For years, EGG Studio has been establishing itself as one of the best stories of the industry with the Yakuza games, and this year with Yakuza for reasons assessment, They continued this trend. Arbitration is very far from the series from which it comes from what the narrative is concerned, and although it plays in the same universe and still plays in Aurochs, it turns a completely new occupation of characters in a very different kind of history. Amazing, it does in an excellent way by representing its excellent occupation and unfolded its exciting history as confident as if the developers had made it bergère games for years.

Metro Exodus

With 4a Games, they entered new territory Metro exodus this year as they emerged from the claustrophobia of the Russian subway, which they had hailed out in the last two games, and players instead took a journey through the hard, post-apocalyptic Russia. And how is the case with metro games, it was a journey to remember. Unshakably hard and relentlessly depressing, Metro Exodus did not return to show the brutal reality of his world and the people who live in every opportunity. Metro is one of the few remaining ego shooter franchises in this industry, which are still focusing on single-player experiences, and we are glad they exist.

Senior: Shadows the Twice

Senior: Shadows die twice Concentrates much more directly to direct, active storytelling than this was the case with fromSoftware games in the past, and proves that the studio is more than one way to tell great stories. The game itself plays a story that manages to shape the player from start to finish, although he is always too much in the limelight, while in the typical from game there are also a lot of interesting stories and background stories that the game world like that Very enriching interesting. It may not be the most exciting story that has ever turned a game, but it makes what it’s going to exist.

The dead on the way — the final season

10 Best Video Game Storylines Of The Decade (So Far)

Tells’s last season The running dead The graphical adventure series contributed the burden to bring the history of the popular character Clementine to a satisfactory end and at the same time as an individual experience at its expense. And although there were more than just a few hurdles over which the game had to jump, it reached the finish line in excellent form. At the end of last year, Telltale Games, Shuttering in the middle of the season doubted if we would ever get the last two episodes, but in 2019, Sky bound Games adopted the final parts of together and supplied them from the Walking Dead — the last season, And they were exactly the kind of emotional, important experience we all wanted.

Mortal Kombat 11

As a combat series, mortal Combat It does not really have to focus on story or storytelling, but that’s an area where Nether realm Studios have always been out of the way, and an area in which Mortal Combat fans always have a lot of expectations. Mortal Combat 11, Fortunately, these expectations fulfills. Equally, temporal, smart, funny, dramatic and stylish, Mortal Kombat 11 has one of the best story modes we have seen in this series for years.

A pest story: Innocence

It will forgive them to be too familiar with Solo Studio, but the French developer has introduced themselves and his talents at the beginning of this year with one of the world’s largest surprises in 2019. Anne history: Innocence. It plays in a fascinating historical time and equals clever conflicts and arcane twists. The core is a very personal and heartwarming story about a brother and a sister. Alicia and Hugo are a wonderful pair of pairs that is supported by a solid occupation of minor characters. Scripture and voice output come together to develop the ties that they all engage in compelling. Anne history is a rare example of a game with a lot of heart and just as much style.


Remedy Entertainment has always been a master of storytelling Max Payne, and although Sung differs from all previous games of the studio in relation to the gaming experience. One thing that is no different is that there is still an excellent story that is perfect told. Mix the inherent surrealism of the game with bizarre, provocative pictures. Sprung paints an abstract image that sucks you in its hypnotic strudel. Add a few excellent writings, a successful construction of the world and an occupation of enigmatic characters, and they have one of the best narrative experiences of the year.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Conclusions are always tricky, and if they finish an action sheet, which is so curvy and kinky as the one of Kingdom Hearts earlier they are twice as. Königreichherzenhen 3 I had a lot to do with it, and although it did not have everything it needed, mostly summarized in the most elegant way, it was largely a satisfying end of a complex story. Include characters and call back to events from almost every game of the series, Königkehherzen 3 constantly devoted its energy to bring the Dark Seeker saga to an effective end. If you are not familiar with the variety of events before the game, you may be more than just a bit lost, but for fans of the series there was a lot of profits here.

Star Wars Jedi: Falling Order

All new named rail of the Stars The associated expectations are very high, and if these expectations are ever not fulfilled properly, then they are massively rail the Stars The Fandom makes his feelings known — look at it her last Jedi. But Respawn is Jedi: Fallen order was a victory for all involved. From a agrarian point of view, it was a blessing for rail of the Stars fans who use the traditions, characters and stories of the universe in an excellent way and confidently install their own flourishes. Even if they are not too familiar, War of the stars, -folded order It is still worth it, only for his journey, the people he encounters, and the challenges facing he stands. We hope ResPawn makes itself up to work with the rail of the Stars again licensed because -lost order proved that they have the stuff to bear this massive responsibility.


Mortal Kombat 11

Usually it feels strange to give this honor to a fighting game, but mortal Combat 11 is a game that deserves every ounce of this praise, regardless of the genres. Stylish interactions, which have close interactions between characters, excellent spectacle and outraging action, are consistently pepping mortal combat 11’s campaign, interrupted by moments full of fan service, which should conquer the heart of many years of series veterans. All this summarizes in a bombastic, extravagant and eye-catching narrative that is told with an admirable degree of self-confidence. Is it the most intelligent, to think more exciting story that you will ever find in a game? Well, no. But it is definitely one of the most entertaining.

Special Forces Conducted Sim No Plan B -The movie Heat S. W. A. T. Dark Knight Developer Interview]

An interview with the developer of the new indie game I’m worried about this project. This time, GFX47 development, special unit command simulation that started early access to December 1st for PC We will deliver mini-in-taves to developers.

This work is a simulation game that makes the player as a commander and organizes the squad and develops operations, and the operation will be performed in real time. At the stage of making a strategy, the squad members can be equipped with firearms, armor, grenade, etc., or using the Timeline system to rush into the room and repeat the simulation that successfully strategy. The player will consider the movement of the mobile path, the timing of the grenade throwing, how to invade the room, and then judge that it will succeed, press the Play button to start the operation and see what will happen. Customary to Japanese.

No Plan B is delivering early access for 1,520 yen.

— First, please introduce yourself.

Sébastien is Sébastien of Solo Developer in France. He is also known as GFX47. He released GladiaBots-AI Combat Arena in 2019 and is currently developing this work that has started early access.

-Why did you start developing this work?

After the release of Sébastien Gladiators, we continued to start the development of this work. Again, the Gladiators tournament holds and interaction with the community, and a small update continues, but since the first 2020, we focus on the development of this work.

— Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

Sébastien In most tactical games, players can manipulate units directly. This work has a focus on planning for a phase, and there are some points like Gladiators, but it feels like a programming phase has been added.

The characteristics of this work are their innovative timeline systems. The player can actually check the plan that all movements and actions are synchronized before acting on squad.

— What kind of person do this work do you want to play?

Sébastien You would like to like people who like tactical genre. People who have been playing games like Door Kickers, Frozen Synapse, SWAT 4, and the old ‘Rainbow Six’ series, have a lot of positive feedback.

— How long have you been planning for early access? What factors will be added in the future?

As in Sébastien previous work, I would like to suppress less than a year. However, it depends on what request comes out of the community. I would like to add character customization, new map biomes, weapon attachments, bullet width shields, etc.

— Please tell me the impression that you have released as early access.

Sébastien (at the time of answering this interview) There is no two weeks yet, but many people have already joined the Discord server. Many people have an interesting ideas and feedback, which helps improve the game content. When you want to make some changes or if you want to make any effort to put in a future update, you will be asked to decide in the community.

— Is there a work affected by this work?

Sébastien This is the main game system, which is mainly affected by Door Kickers Due Process frozen synapse. In the visual surface, we decided on the training scene of the 2017 movie 6 days, and decided to carry out the planning phase in Milhouse instead of the actual building. The robbery scene of the movie Heat (1995) S. W. A.T. Dark Knight has a major impact on the character and stage design of this work.

— Did you have an impact on development by new coronavirus?

Sébastien I work at home alone, so the impact of the pandemic was not so much. While rock down in France was done, my daughter’s home school, my wife and I didn’t have to work hard, but her daughter swallow fast, we also It was fun to teach my daughter to study.

It was good that spending time with my family has increased.

— Is it okay to deliver and monetize this work?

Sébastien There is no problem at all. There is no advertisement expense like a major game company, so it is honest, it will be very good.

In this work, it is also equipped with a cinematic mode that can be easily used, and it can also be made with a cool mission short movie. Many things are already shared! I also made a cool video playlist.

— Lastly, please give a message to the Japanese reader.

Sébastien Japan is a very special existence for me, so I am really happy to enjoy this work for all the Japanese players. I’m glad that the Japanese version is good, but please let us know if it is not done. I will improve with all my strength.

Also, if you do not know if this work fits yourself, please play free trial version & prologue before purchasing.

Then everyone, a good year!

–thank you.

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ACE Combat 7 Skies Unknown First online DJ program for 25

Ace Combat 7: The Gag Collection
The ACE Combat franchise celebrates its 25th anniversary and banzai NAMC celebrates this with the first online DJ program Edge of Hangar Mix Vol.1. In the video there are some pieces from the soundtracks of the games to hear. Time characteristics: 0:12 — Chandelier — Ace Combat 6 0:41 — The liberation of Grace maria — Dance with the Moonlight Remix — ACE Combat 6 4:23 — Warning Line — Concert Remix — ACE Combat 2 7:30 — Gateway — Ace Combat 4 7:44 — POMONA — ACE COMBAT 4 10:13 — Night and Day beyond the horizons Remix — Ace Combat 13:45 — Mind Flow — ACE Combat 3 15:56 — Session — Ace Combat 4 16:29 — Megalith — Agnus DEI — Ace Combat 4 Here you can enjoy the Edge of Hangar Mix Vol.1 in the video:

Members of Naughty Dog speak of their favorite games of 2021

With the 2021 end very close, it is time to take stock of what hDog been the year in terms of video games refers and choosing our favorites. In Meditation we have already done it, but obviously we are not the only ones, since in Naughty Dog they have published a post in which several of the members of the Californian study speak of the best games of the lDogt 12 months, among which are not lacking They have been in the mouth of all over the world, such Dog Metro id Dread, Death loop and of course, the Got at The Game Awards -and Meditation-, IT Takes TWO.

The favorite games of Naughty Dog

One of the most mentioned games is Death loop, exclusive temporary from PS5 by Arcane and who hDog meant one of the most pleDogant surprises of this year, if it is possible to talk about surprise when it comes to Dishonored or Prey creators. Each space that visits and revisits becomes richer Dog you get new tools, new information and new knowledge of the environment-bDoged narrative, says Matthew Gallant, Game Director. The freshness of your universe is what really captivated me, at a time when so many games feel the same, says Waylon Brick, Development Director.

However, if we talk about surprises, we have to do it from inscription, and Visit Agarwal, Game Director, speaks wonders of one of the great Indies of 2021. I will say it had been so surprised by the Creativity of a video game. Despite having a baby, I have met several times playing until 3 in the morning until I finish it. I can not recommend it enough.

Top 10 Naughty Dog Games

But there is more. Metro id Dread leaves you amazed thanks to its satisfactory Gameplay and an absorbent atmosphere while telling you a great story, says WDogm Khan, Director of Character Technology. When I saw RURAL for the first time many years ago, I wDog not prepared for the mental space that wDog going to occupy this game when it came out. I still do it today. I take off my hat before all the house mark team!, Says the Vice President Are Meyer.

And since it could not be otherwise, I could not miss it Takes Two. My partner hDog never been a player, and it hDog really been involved in this. We have spent hours on the couch laughing, talking and occDogionally forcing us in one direction A one to the other, says Rochelle Snyder, Senior Manager of Communications. It is also the favorite game of Evan Wells, co-president of Naughty Dog. I am very bad in platform games, and it Takes Two combines that gameplay with amazing puzzles, and a beautiful art, there is a lot of variety and intelligent mechanics that are introduced continuously. And the brave decision to require a second player makes the experience unique. He had a lot of fun playing with my son.

Blizzard publishes a vacancy for a new AAA multiplayer project that has not been announced

In addition to the expected deliveries of Blizzard, Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4, the company has already begun to give the first signs of its new project. Currently, the study is looking for a new team for an ‘AAA multiplayer project without announcing’, which does not tell us a lot, but if we read more closely at the description of a specific job offer, we realize a couple of details.

The offer details similar requirements to the genus MMORPG The offer in question, is for the position of Lead Content Designer. The title of the vacancy makes it very clear, that it is a project that has not yet been announced, highlighting that it is, as we mentioned, of an AAA multiplayer, with an emphasis on open worlds and environmental narratives, demanding More than 6 years of experience in these sections.

Among other specifications asking for the offer, we can see ‘encounters with creatures’, ‘global events’, and ‘interesting combats’. Together, all these requirements point to a project within the genre MMORPG, similar to World of Warcraft. However, the offer of employment never mentions some known Blizzard franchises.

Blizzard Is Pathetic (The Jimquisition)

Meanwhile, the strike In Activision Blizzard continues, and many employees have begun to syndicate after the last dismissals. The company, on the other hand, is addressing its workers, in an attempt to stop this movement.

FC Liverpool Contract extension Salah allegedly demands transfer from striker

The final of the UEFA Champions League 2017-18 was the 63rd final of the prominent European football club event organized by UEFA, and also the 26th given that it quit calling European Mug for Champions Organization of UEFA It was dipped into the NSC Olimpiyskiy in Kiev, Ukraine on May 26, 2018, between Real Madrid Español, Protector of the Title in the last 2 seasons, as well as English Liverpool. Real Madrid was the winner of this conference and will encounter Atlético de Madrid, UEFA Champion Europa Organization 2017-18, in the UEFA Super cup 2018. It was also categorized to go into the semifinals of the Club Globe Mug of FIFA 2018 as agent of UEFA.

The Treaty of Mohamed Salah at FC Liverpool runs out in the summer of 2023. So that he extends his expiring contract in the long term, the 29-year-old allegedly demands a top transfer.

As SKY reports, Salah wants to have another world-class striker in the near future. The requirement should be part of the contract negotiations.

In the recent past, Among other things, Haaland von Borussia Dortmund and Jonathan David of OSC Lille, who could also switch to Real Madrid, who could switch to Real Madrid due to an alleged exchange of swap.

On the other hand, Salah has no great interest in leaving the FC Liverpool. At the end of October he had even explained that he could imagine his career in Anfield.

However, the decision would be in the hands of his management that must solve the problem, emphasized the Egyptians. Trainer Jürgen Klopp always poses an expansion of the contract.

Kl opp wants to extend with Salah: when? Totally no matter

I want it to happen, but when? That does not matter to me, he said, confirming that there had already been talks.

Kl opp cleared: To extend a contract with a player like Mo, is not a matter for which one meets in the afternoon on a cup of tea and achieves an agreement.

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Salah moved in 2017 for 42 million euros from the AS Roma to the FC Liverpool. In 227 games, he since then achieved 147 goals and 56 assists. In the current season Salah already comes to 33 scorer points in 24 lots.

Khainsaw s steamy cosplay is so bad

Awesome Cosplay Compilation 2019 - Cosplay Music Video
Every week we are looking for the best of Cosplay on the Internet. What can we say, we are big cosplay fans. In recent weeks, we have presented absolute stunners, including Infamous Laura, Linda Le, Enable Cosplay and Yuzupyon. This week we maintain the trend of spicy cosplay with Chainsaw. This beauty comes from Arizona and is likely to go beyond the Grand Canyon for reasons to visit this state of the Southwest. Let’s take a look at part of the Chainsaw portfolio starting with its strong points of the anime. Echidna — Queen’s Blade Do-s — one-punch man Yoko — Current Again See page 2 to see Chainsaw’s vision on some horror icons.