Around 400 million euros annually: Real Madrid concludes agreement on stadium

Real Madrid agree multi-million euro deal to exploit the new Bernabeu | Marca
Cash for Real Madrid: The Spanish record champion has allegedly closed with the American company Legends for the use of his stadium Santiago Bernabéu for the use of his stadium Santiago Bernabéu. This is intended to contribute to the royal according to the Spanish daily VOZ Popular around 400 million euros a year.

The company legends, which specializes in the marketing of sports facilities, expect annual revenue from 400 to 440 million euros, among other things through concerts. According to the agreement, 20 percent of profits should go to the company.

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The Santiago Bernabéu is currently being renovated. At the beginning of 2023 the conversion should be ready. Then the stadium will also have an extendable playing field so that it can be used for other sports such as tennis and basketball or for trade fairs and congresses. The costs for the renovation are estimated at around 800 million euros.

Cookie Run: Oven Brake, New Cookies and Story Updates

Devs Sisters Co., Ltd. (Joint Representative Lee Typhoon, Kim Jong-il) is a mobile learning game cookie run (Representative Byeongworm), a Cookie Run (Representative Bong Took), a Cookie Run: The Oven Brake ‘Treasure! Witch’s mysterious attic “updated on the 27th.

This update story starts in the attic located in the house of the witch, not the outer world that the cookies have been found to discover the newly discovered oven.

The waxy taste cookies that manage treasures in the witch’s attic will steal some treasures and witnessed the crow that flew away. While chasing the back of the crow, the crow is fully flashing and shining with the croissant taste cookies, which is filled with the crow berry flavored cookie, and subtle conflicts began between two cookies.

The story can be seen through the ‘mysterious attic’, which is automatically opened when all the third chapters of ‘brave cookies’ adventure’ in Story mode. From 8:00 am to 8:00 am to 8:00 am, it is also provided for additional event compensation such as crystal and soul potion, magic furnace ingredient, special 10 + 1 treasure guarantee.

Newly emerging waxy cookies with new stories are being seen in the attic, while other cookies escape from the witch’s oven and ran out of the world, while they are stuck in the loft. I decided not to escape the house of a witch with the rest of the rest of the treasure, the rest of the loving, and the attic.

This cookie utilizes a candle during play, and has the ability to find treasures in the witch’s mobility, and various effects are applied depending on the treasures found.

The waxy taste cookies have been added to the pet, sealed bare, which was born from the folded folding flanked fault. Each time, the sealing bear Ellie party item is generated to change the general jelly to the sealing bear hellion. In addition, a new treasure bear Geller praise is launched by taking a sealing seal and destroying obstacles, and acquiring jelly and large sealing.

COOKIE RUN UPDATE PREVIEW - The Witch's Mystic Attic
In addition, the new skins of party concepts to see the witches in the witch in the attic in the witches’ a new skin ‘autumn cyclist candle party birthday cake cookie’ and ‘witch’s treasure party firecracker’, a new cookie pet skins and new jelly skin packages. And the upcoming installation will be launched in 2022, a new skin ‘black tiger-shaped boss chili taste cookie’.

A large-scale match, which draws the best player, the Grand Champions League starts at 2022. As conventional, it is divided into four regions from the conventional sulfur, meadow, sea, and desert, and the game is covered by the strongest round across the game. If the trophies obtained at the stadium are available, it is possible to play, and even if you do not participate in a player, you can enjoy the game and earn compensation.

You can also run the map directly through the event mode ‘Grand Champions I also challenge!’. In addition to this, Cookie and Treasure Combination Bonus Effects New ▲ 2022 Treasure Festival Events ▲ Earnings of Treasure Festivals ▲ Established 100% treasure stamps ‘Engraving Oil’ Additional ▲ Cookie list and detailed screen reorganization have been provided with a variety of benefits.

Cookie Run: More details on the oven brake can be found in the official cookie run YouTube and Never cafés.

Reddit wants to include NFTs and thus they would work

Last week it was announced that Twitter was already beginning to experiment with the idea of ​​implementing NFTs within the platform, and it seems that Reddit was inspired by this idea because these popular Internet forums also have Intentions, in some future, incorporate NFTs to be used as profile photos.

According to a report of TechCrunch, Reddit has already started trying this new function internally, which would allow users to use an NFT as an avatar. However, the idea is still in very early stages of its development, and we do not know when, or if it is one day it would be implemented on the platform. TIM RATHSCHMIDT , spokesman of Reddit , said the following about it:

Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs

“We are always exploring ways to provide value to users and communities on Reddit. At this moment we are trying the possibility of using NFTS as profile photos (avatars) and verifying the property. It is a small internal test and no decision has been made about expansion or deployment. “

However, this would not be the first time Possible way, so they again want to tempt the waters to see how it works this time.

Editor’s note: One would think that Reddit would be one of the platforms where the NFTS business could have a better chance, but it seems not. At this point, it is clear that users of this community have no interest in the NFTs of the platform, and if the first time did not work, I do not understand why they would try again.

BVB | Erling Haaland gives injury updates

When Erlang Haaland returns to the lawn? This question currently holds Borussia Dortmund and the environment of the club in suspense. Now the BVB Superstar has expressed himself to his situation and brought some light into the darkness.

. It’s looking good I’m already training again very good, says Erlang Haaland was in an interview with Sky and the Norwegian TV channel Via play Football confident, I’ll be back soon.

Statements that nourish the hope of the BVB that the 21-year-old in the top match against Bayer Leverkusen could be one of the party on February 6 again.

The Norwegian was injured on the 20th match day match against TSG 1899 Cofferdam. An accurate diagnosis then announced Borussia Dortmund not for information from Sky and image of the national team has, however, suffered a hamstring.

Dortmunder said, in a message so far only of muscular problems which require however a treatment and further investigation in the coming days.

BVB Star Haaland called target for career

Haaland had the black and yellow in the first round missed twice due to muscle injuries. During these two forces, he missed a total of six league games, three Champions League games and the DFB Cup encounter against FC Ingolstadt. Four of these ten games without the exceptional door went for the BVB lost. In the remaining 20 season games Haaland met cross-competition 23 times and prepared six hits.


I can still improve in many things, but what I should improve, is that I should be less hurt, said Haaland. If he had to utter a target for 2022 or even his entire career, this would not be hurt. However, injury-related downtime are unfortunately to be a good workout for the mind and would in his hunger for success will be even greater.

Furthermore, Haaland expressed his statements after the win against SC Freiburg when he accused the BVB to put pressure on him. It just felt like it was to say anything at the time. Now I do not want to talk about it more. What has been said has been said.

The charming mass tray for a new generation does not surprise

For PlayStation 5 and a small delay to the PC to arrive uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection in perhaps the worst side is its unnecessary a lot of promise. Instead of a full-length collection, the package contains only two recent titles of a series: uncharted 4: a thief’s ending as well as its independent extension, the lost legacy.

The most of this harmless PC users, as the original very brilliant and once again the remarkable trilogy remains exclusively for Sony’s console sensitivity. Although the drinking and especially the characters gets a lot more out of the entire Saga wading, serve the fours of spinoff in any case, in any case, a really enjoyable and grinding action package full of examination, shooting and close-up situations.

Vibrations and melting movements

Nathan Drake The last chapter in the game is sometimes easy to forget that uncharted 4 was already published in 2016. The developer Naughty Dog is known for its technical marine grooves and its ability to take out everything out of the iron in use, but despite the source material, the source material has even held confusing very much time.

The moderate proportions of the Tested PlayStation 5 version utilize the familiar recipe. The driver shakes finely vibrates, and triggering the trigger gives a variety of weapons when handling a comfortable supplement. Minimization of downloads is not essential for the user experience, as already the original works were able to hide these data sheets in the background. In generational change, the most eye jumps on additional pixels and, above all, a flexible screen update. In accordance with the current trend, the player will allow themselves to choose their preference between three different regulations.

Freedom of choice is a slightly awful concept, as the details of the details and 4K resolution will not be dazzling in their performance. The difference in the image quality is the treasure of a woody eye compared to the very marginal compared to other premises, but the screen update is disturbing. Fortunately, performance models are seen as a number of different kinds. The default focuses on keeping the action of softening at 60 screen upgrades, and it is possible to still double the hearts at home as it permits it. After the speedy test rounds, your selection was quickly locked to the last and oiled options, which the outcome of which the outcome except looks beautiful also above all seems to be great.

However, the greatest impact on a technical range makes a fearlessness of the whole, which was present in the original games. Intermediate surveys are moved to unobtrusively playable sections. The animations react abnormally to environments with their small gestures, and in general, all the details emphasize a milled outcome. For example, the player’s reason or the second interrupted character dialogue continues naturally hearing from what moment the moment was previously left. The corresponding collides too rarely today.

Nathan Drake memories Commander farewell

Even if I calculate myself uncharted series fan, for some reason, the fourth part did not make his fullest in his appearance. It was in fact so far until now the headquarters of the main river, whose permeation was left in one sole. Fortunately, the recycled version was finally given a reason to return to the game, as the mind can even change over the years and after a suitable pause.

Thief’s end is perhaps the most successful and best title for the whole Saga. The biggest reason is instead of technical seats in the rhythm of adventure. In the fourth round of Naughty Dog, you finally loosen the unrelated spinning blades. This will make a good entity, as an overwhelming banging has never been the most effective part of these games. Simplifying humorous heroes will continue to slaughter the soldiers of the portfolio to question its greater efforts, but the main weight will be exported more clearly to investigative and more massive scenes – forgetting in series of substantially cooperative rhythms and endless sudden endings under different crushing handles. A brisk 15-hour journey seems to be rightly suitable despite the fact that the actual treasure hunting plot is quite one of the clues behind the hints. With good figures, stunning scenery and Lacey words save a lot.


The new generation of heroes

The extension The Lost Legacy most visible change is the main part of the adventure fresh bullish duo. Nate makes room for familiar from previous adventures tulleelle Chloe Fraser, who gets aisaparikseen Thief’s Elissa well encountered various marks, Nadine Ross. The duo is not the change the outcome of Jain dramatic consequences, as the witty joke throwing and constant friend, slinging arrows to quickly produce a warm feeling to the innermost. In particular, Chloe is a sharp charismatic figure, which would rather see the limelight, future games.

Shorter of the heads of the main series, less than a tens of hours Edit a somewhat familiar formula. As long as the starting urban environment can be achieved by the actual treasure, the guide is given more choice than in previous parts. The actual open world game will not be sprinkled to talk, but in a momentarily enlarged area, the player can choose to choose the order in front of the tolerant riddle. In addition to this, the collection of a voluntary premise is finally available for a more in-depth mechanic than just desperate corners of the corners of the glory.

The Lost Legacy is an excellent entity like four-sized. The smaller budget and scale are relevant with a new type of liberation and with comfortable side suits without the experience deviates too much of the most beloved uncharted format. Lightweight brain nuts are a series of better end, and the balance of levels, puzzle and shooter is well-placed. The level of difficulty is a gracefulness of the adventures of Item, which is probably a good or bad thing depending on the player. Intermediate storage points are similarly sprinkled densely, so the ball in the skull does not become a huge slower.

a steady deadly quality

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection It may be a consensus for a long period of time. The more grinding versions of high quality and technically sanded games are less likely to fail. In honesty, PlayStation 5’s separately glowing redistribution seems even as a hint of unnecessary. The console side could have made them the same tempts as though the The LAST OF US PART 2, GOD OF GRILLE or HORIZON ZERO DANIELLE, that is, to provide directly the free extra power update to a freshening iron.

Those still brilliant works that do not have to miss out on anyone’s adventure games.

On the other hand, a larger packet will be marketed conveniently in the horizon in the direction of an imperative PC version as well as the future – awesome look – sofa, so the solution is allowed. In any case, owners of old versions do not have to pay for themselves a very sore update process. Those still brilliant works that do not have to miss out on anyone’s adventure games. No longer have to hope that Naughty Dog is also doing a continuation of this diamond series, whose playing is really a good mind.

Continue with Markus Högner: SGS Essen binds the success coach

Eating has extended the contract with Markus Honer beyond the ongoing season for three years. Markus knows the club like hardly a second, headed Managing Director Florian Butcher and then passed on: With him, the SGS is not only successful as a club. I like to remember the cup final 2020. Even the players could be under him And developing his coaching team extremely positively: Eight German and three international players formed the head coach with his staff to international.

Honer was already responsible for the SGS from 2010 to 2016 and then returned in 2019 – after two co-trainer jobs at the German women’s national team and the VFL Wolfsburg – back to Essen. With the descent, the SGS under Honer had so far nothing to do, rather the 54-year-old has established the club in the upper half of the table.

However, eating had recently had several players like Lena Overdose, Turin Knack (Wolfsburg), Marina Hearing, Lea Schiller (Bavaria) as well as Jana Headlamp (Cofferdam) – Currently, the pokey finalist from 2020 is only ranked nine.

Locksmith, Vespers and Ca slack also extend

In addition to Honer also co-trainer Kirsten Schlosser, who has been in the club for 35 years, Torwarttrainer Jörg Vesper and Individual Coach Petra Slack ( Petra knows the club and has accompanied many young players on their way into the senior citizen area and shaped ) Contracts extended.

Series: Interested person lures Gosens with immense salary leap

Inter Milan is interested in a commitment of the German football national player Robin Go sens (27) according to media reports.

The Italian master neglect with Go sens’ current association Atalanta Bergamo over a transfer, reported, among other things, the daily Gazette hello German football and the kicker.

In Milan, the currently injured professional on the left exterior should be brought as a reinforcement. In conversation, a loan business and a final transfer was then in summer.

Go sens is currently working on a comeback after having suffered a heavy thigh injury at the end of September. The Rhineland hopes to be ready for use again in February.

Most recently, Newcastle United struggled from the Premier League for Go sens. According to reports, the Englishman offer the German national player a long-term contract and an almost three times higher salary than in Bergamo, where he has been denying more than 150 games since 2017 and achieved 29 goals.

The Corriere dello German football wrote that Go sens is extremely excited from the offer from Newcastle.

NBA: Dominant Chris Paul! Phoenix Suns march to seventh victory in series

The Phoenix Suns have done their duty against a bad replacement jazz team, Chris Paul was once again. Chicago is looking forward to a returnee.

Cleveland Cavaliers (29-19) – New York Knicks (23-25) 95:93 (Box score)

  • Almost the Cars would have given the victory in the end from the hand, but the only threesome of Darius Garland (13 points, 6/19 FG, 12 assists) should be enough – the knicks picked up a 15-point residue in the last quarter However, gave all the opportunities for the possible leadership. With the buzzer Julius Randle (18, 6/17 FG) also missed the last attempt.
  • So at the end of the seventh victory from the last eight games for Cleveland, which played in a small intoxication. Above all, this was due to Kevin Love, who depicted a personal 9-0 run in the third quarter within 67 seconds and brought the Rocket Mortgage Field house to cook.
  • I felt these four years when we have set such runs, Love said in memory of the four years he had played in Cleveland on the side of LeBron James when the Cars were always atopfavorit in the Eastern Conference. Love hit a total of six thrusters and introduced the Cars with 20 points and 11 boards from the bench.
  • Three other starters scored two-digit, mainly convincing Evan Mobley with 15, 12 rebounds and 5 assists. At the Knicks was R.J. Barrett with 24 points The best point collector, but the best impression left the New Yorken once again in the district minutes – OBI Topping (13) and Quentin Grimes (12) could be distinguished here.
  • Weak was Immanuel Quickly, who hit only one of his ten litters and also met some bad decisions in Crunch time. We should have gained this game, annoyed Barrett. It was just many smaller things we need to control and make better.

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New Orleans Pelicans (18-28) – Indiana Pacers (17-31) 117: 113 (Box score)


  • DEVOTE ‘GRAHAM was questionable before the game, against Indiana was not much of his ankle problems. With 25 points (8/14 FG), the Guard led his team to the second victory in a row and thus kept the Pelicans in the beat distance to ten in the Western Conference.
  • The Pacers still led the Pacers in the middle of the fourth neighborhood just two threes of strong Duane Washington Jr. (21, 7/12 3fg), but afterwards took over after Nola: Graham scored 8 points in the last five and a half minutes and had strong support from Josh Hart (22, 10 rebounds) and Jonas Valencias (16 and 12). In addition, Jason Hayes, Garrett Temple and Nickel Alexander-Walker, who all achieved 14 points.
  • For the Pacers who had to do without New Orleans on their TopS corer (both Do mantas Saxons and Brandon Ingram had ankle problems), was beside Washington Cars Lever with 19 and 8 assists of the most striking players.
  • Lever was also that shortened 2 seconds before the end with a threesome again on -2 from Pacers view. Alexander Walker, however, made everything clear on the other side of the frewurflinie.

Premier League: “Savior” Ranieri in Watford already released

After only 14 games in just over three months, the former master coach Claudio Ranger has been released in the English football first division FC Watford as a team manager.

The separation from the 70-year-old Italian after only 112 days, the relegation candidate announced at the beginning of the week three days after the 0: 3 home plantain against Norwich City.

A successor for Ranger, who won the title with Watford’s Negative Leicester City 2016, is not fixed yet.

The star coach had hired at the beginning of October as the successor of the dismissed Disco Munoz. However, the Horne under the direction of the star trainer brought only seven points.

Watford’s last two wins with Ranger on the bank is already more than two months (on November 20, 4: 1 against Manchester United). In the nine subsequent spot games Watford conquered only one counter and complains on the penultimate table spot since its longest Dusty without a successful experience since 2013.

In front of his comeback in England, Ranger had been Minnie for almost one and a half years. At his previous station he had taken responsibility in his homeland at the Italian first division Amphora Genoa.

Ten DHB players go on the way home

The positive tested Luca Withe (Leipzig) and Lukas Martens (Magdeburg) traveled on Sunday as well as Christoph Steiner (Erlangen), Till Glimpse (Regular), Fibril M’dengue (Porto) and Sebastian Firer (Erlangen).

Like DHB sports director Axel Kramer after the Sweden game (21:25) announced, four more national players will leave the German EM district in Bratislava on Monday. Two candidates will remain here, where we still have the hope that they may be able to run against Russia, said Kramer.

Even on Friday, national coach Alfred Gílson had expressed hope for a return of some positively tested players. However, the comeback of Hendrik Wagner, who was allowed to leave Corona isolation after two negative PCR tests as the first DHB actor and gave his EM debut on Sunday evening, did not run as desired.

Overall, there were 13 corona cases in the German team so far, including several power carriers such as goalkeepers Andreas Wolff, the back room players Julius Kuhn and Kai Hefner and right outside Time Fastening. We all have presented ourselves something else for this tournament, but of course, in advance, we have prepared us on return journey from infections, Kramer said, We wish all the mild lovers as possible and a quick return on one hundred percent fitness.

Medical release necessary

The return journey has also been accelerated because for the Grow the positively tested players the opportunities for a re-entry into the tournament dwindle. After two negative PCR tests, a medical release would also be necessary. This would be based on a sports medical and cardio logical examination in the Universityikum Vienna – at Wagner there was the release. The rest is known.