With SK Rapid II, Stefan Clovis a new head coach, which is an old acquaintance, will take over the scepter in the young year 2022. The report the Hütteldorfer on Monday.

Zoran Basic, Managing Director Sport, explains in a broadcast: I am very pleased that Clovis will work as a head coach for our second team as head coach. He receives a contract for the time being until the end of the season 2023/24, and I am proud that With him a real Rapider, who also gather some experience in the coaching area despite his old age and could prove his qualities to reinforce our team.

Basic continues: For the complicationsless and very professional conversations that preceded the commitment, I would like to be at Stefan Clovis and also our athletic Head of Rapid II and young academies, Will Debates, as well as at Steffen Hoffmann, who was crucially involved in the discussions in the discussions Thank you very much.

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Clovis already collected abundant experience

Clovis was an important part of the Rapid combat team (252 mandatory games / 6 goals, champion in 2005 and 2008) as an active professional player (2002/03 – 2012/13) and then engaged until his career end at the SV Tannhauser in the 2nd German Bundesliga. There he was also captain and playing his last mandatory match on the 30th of January 2019 with the loop at the arm with an away match at the Hamburg SV.

From the summer of 2019, he belonged as a co-coach to the supervisor staff of the Tannhauser, from February 2021 to September 2021 he was in use together with Gerhard Klipspringer as head coach. Stefan Clovis says before his start as a head coach of SK Rapid II: I am very proud that I can now work in such a responsible position with my club. I am very happy to work with my young and very talented team and just as On the cooperation with all in the club.

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As a co-trainer, Patrick Jovanovich, which lasted Rapid II as a boss coach, will remain on board. Zoran Basic: Patrick Jovanovich is a very valuable part of our coach team, and I am very glad that after the intermezzo as a sole responsibility head coach, he will now stay as assistant coach with great know-how on the side of Stefan Clovis for our second team.

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