Naughty Dog probably works not only at the legendary standalone multiplayer by the Last of US 2, but also other games projects. The fact that the developer studio currently has several gaming projects in the pipeline has now been officially confirmed. As part of CES 2022, Co-President Neil Strickland explained that he is looking forward to being able to betray more about these several games projects, which are currently at Naughty Dog in work. Of course, that fails with many fans hope, stimulates the imagination and increases the anticipation.

Naughty Dog is currently working on several games at the same time, confirmed Neil Print ant

That’s why: Naughty Dog looks back a lot of extremely successful video game rows for the PlayStation consoles. This includes uncharted and the last of us and of course also applies to PS4 and PS5. But apparently there is no longer a conclusion and currently several projects are developed at the same time.

Several Games Projects In Labor : How Co President Neil Printing explained in the context of a presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, the time-honored developer studio is currently not all about the Uncharted film or the Last of US Series. On the contrary, also games continue to be in focus and even there are several in the making.

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Which ones could be that? Of course, the question arises, which titles that could be developed, which are currently being developed at Naughty Dog. In addition to the LAST OF US 2-Multiplayer, a Last of Us-Remake should be in progress. In addition, a Last of US Part 3 is not unlikely. But Naughty Dog could of course bring a completely new brand to the start or continue uncharted.

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Of course, the uncharted cinema film would fit very well if another uncharted game appears. However, the Legacy of Thieves Collection with Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: Lost Legacy for PS5 and the PC. This could already be covered, which is why I would be my money very personally rather a lot more the last of us, if I had to. The HBO series is likely to encourage many people to play a remake of the first part or a new offshoot.

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