Evoked last April by Bloomberg, the remake of The Last of Us first of the name on PlayStation 5 again made him talk at the beginning of the year. According to Journalist Tom Henderson but also according to NGC, the project would be approaching on Naughty Dog’s side.

The Last of Us Remake In Development Amid Sony Drama - IGN Daily Fix

Henderson is not at his test, and according to his sources, there would be several stamped games The Last of US in the cards right now: an director’s Cut version The Last of Us: Part II, the famous multiplayer project in the same world and so remake PS5 of the first component. The latter would therefore be almost complete and could go out in the second half of the year 2022. Information confirmed by the drafting of NGC thanks to its own information and which gives a different echo to the recent declaration of Neil Luckmann to the CES 2022, vis-à-vis Multiples game projects on which the studio would currently work.

It is by the voice of Bloomberg, during an article on the attraction of Sony for the Triple-A, whom we had heard for the first time of this project of remake. He would have been entrusted first to the Sony Visual Arts Service Group, support studio that put his hand to the dough to finish many Blockbusters from the Japanese giant. He would then have been placed at Naughty Dog, with the great disappointment of his initial development team.

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