Double Packer Vincenzo Gift has shown it to his ex-club in the DFB Cup and lets the SC Freiburg dream.

The lonely caller from the tribune Vincenzo Gift alleged right. Yes, exactly — for today, the Match winner of the SC Freiburg in the middle of the ARD interview replied to the fan, the Gift had loudly titled the best as the best after the success in the second round of the DFB Cup.

In fact, the offensive player was surprisingly clear 4: 1 (2: 0) of the Brasher in the Baden duel at the Bundesligarival TSG Cofferdam of the crucial actor. With his double pack Gift brought the SC to the winning road and had a significant proportion of the fact that the Beefburgers are allowed to dream more and more from the first final deduction of the club history.

First Gift concluded a counter-valid (10), then he transformed a trading foot (36th) against his ex-club. In the duel with his former teammate and former Freiburg Oliver Baumann, Gift made it better this time than just under six weeks ago. At the 1: 2 in the league, the German-Italian born in Pforzheim had failed from the point to TSG-Torwart Baumann.

Gift: You play for that

It’s not easy to stand in front of him because he’s just a good goalkeeper and held many penalties, Gift said, But I was pretty sure. That’s why I’m Happy.

Happy Gift also makes the view of the further competition. Finally, there are only four Bundesliga clubs among the last eight teams. The chance of traveling to the final to Berlin is so great as never before from the favorites.

You fight for that, but you play, Gift said, with a view of the two victories that are still necessary: ​​ The dream is huge, we will give everything for that.

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