Two days after Derby defeat against the Krefeld Penguine (3: 4 N.V.), the traditional club again undertaken a team from the lower table regions: At the Augsburg Panthern, the kick-off of the 45th matchday set a 0-1 to Overtime.

Adam Payerl decided the game in the second minute of extension for Augsburg, which, in turn, immediately contacted the ranks for the pre-play-offs as an eleventh. There Düsseldorf is still as a ninth, the first six of the table is exalted for the time being.


Corona outbreak in Straubing

The Game Mannheim against Bremerhaven for Friday was canceled after the Regorn Quarantine for the North Germans.

Also the home game of the polar bears Berlin against Straubing will not take place on Friday. At the Tigers, seven players and three people from the coach and caregiver staff were positively tested on the Coronavirus on Thursday. Tags previously won Straubing at home with 2: 1 against the Adler Mannheim. Defender Marcel Brandt was already missing, whose Corona case had only been announced on the matchday. The now affected are in domestic isolation, it is good to you according to the circumstances.

Despite several infection cases in the francs, the Partie Nuremberg against Wolfsburg should take place alongside.

Augsburger Panther – Dusseldorf EC 1: 0 N.V. (0: 0.0: 0.0: 0)

Referee: Lasse Kopitz (Berlin) / Stephen Reneau (USA)
Goals: 1: 0 Payerl (61:31, Overtime)
Criminal minutes: 6/6

Viewers: None

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