What’s better than balances to do full of goodies and accessories like any kind? This week, figurine enthusiasts will be spoiled because they will be able to grow their collection while preserving their portfolio.

Catch them all !

Pokémon goodies are numerous, but among the most popular, we can count the famous Pop figurines with the effigy of the Nintendo pocket monsters. Collectors of Pop Figurines are not without knowing that there are several sizes, especially those of 10 inches , larger and more rewarding.

At the moment, the FNAC offers an offer to acquire 3 Pop figurines for the price of 2 . By searching a little on the site, 3 giant figurines Pokémon can be found. For you, we have selected 3 emblematic models with effigy of Pikachu , Pikachu Silver and Bizarre Silver . At the same time rare and original, these figurines are also more expensive. Fortunately, with this promotion, it is possible to reach each figurine for only €23,32 instead of €34.99.


The Figurine Pikachu Silver at FNAC

The Figurine Bizarre Silver at FNAC

the cards of the week

Pokémon lovers never have enough. Between games, figurines and accessories, collecting maps are among the most popular goodies of collectors. Better than buying boosters, we offer the elite retailer box to much richer content. This box contains as follows:

At the moment, Amazon offers a nice offer on this box by granting it 25% discount . With this promotion, you can acquire this complete box for €59.55 instead of €79.90.

Discover the offer at Amazon

cheap figurines

Pokémon is not the only license to have the right to his goodies. Ubisoft also offers beautiful figurines for its games Cretin rabbits or Assassin’s Creed . At the moment, Discount takes advantage of the balances to allow collectors to perfect their collection at a lower cost. Thus, the figurine Rabbi Sam Fisher and the Figurine Ohio are only €3,99 , a fare really no excessive for pretty collectibles.

The OHIO figurine at Discount

Figurine Rabbi Sam’s Fisher at Discount

Premium figurine

More detailed and better finished, the figurine Master Chief launched on the occasion of the exit of Halo Infinite is already pre-order. We discover a Master Chief more beautiful than ever, equipped with the grapple shot and the energy of energy. A real MUST for lovers of the Microsoft license.

Micromania proposes to predominate this figurine before its exit planned for 26 January . It will cost you €69,99 To acquire this model reduced from 25 cm , to pose urgently in your window.

the board game of the week

The famous Monopoly specializes in the variations pop culture . This week is the Animal Crossing version of the most famous set of tray we present. The gameplay is inspired by that of the eponymous game. The players, with their pawn inspired by the characters of Animal Crossing , must explore the islands of the tray to harvest resources.

At this moment, Amazon offers a reduction on this Monopoly Animal Crossing , from €34,99 to €27,99 , a nice offer to offer a child or enjoy a privileged moment with family or friends.

Discover the offer at Amazon

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