Eating has extended the contract with Markus Honer beyond the ongoing season for three years. Markus knows the club like hardly a second, headed Managing Director Florian Butcher and then passed on: With him, the SGS is not only successful as a club. I like to remember the cup final 2020. Even the players could be under him And developing his coaching team extremely positively: Eight German and three international players formed the head coach with his staff to international.

Honer was already responsible for the SGS from 2010 to 2016 and then returned in 2019 – after two co-trainer jobs at the German women’s national team and the VFL Wolfsburg – back to Essen. With the descent, the SGS under Honer had so far nothing to do, rather the 54-year-old has established the club in the upper half of the table.

However, eating had recently had several players like Lena Overdose, Turin Knack (Wolfsburg), Marina Hearing, Lea Schiller (Bavaria) as well as Jana Headlamp (Cofferdam) – Currently, the pokey finalist from 2020 is only ranked nine.

Locksmith, Vespers and Ca slack also extend

In addition to Honer also co-trainer Kirsten Schlosser, who has been in the club for 35 years, Torwarttrainer Jörg Vesper and Individual Coach Petra Slack ( Petra knows the club and has accompanied many young players on their way into the senior citizen area and shaped ) Contracts extended.

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