Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection - PS4 vs PS5 Performance Review

Adventures of another time

When Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is released in 2016 on PlayStation 4, it was a small revolution for a saga that has always been partitioned in an ultra-linear progression. If the title still stayed very deputy, he offered larger maps where you could spend a little more time exploring the premises. It was his narrative that benefited the most of this opening, with a narrative that had learned to ask, to reflect and take a step back, moving away from the concentrate of action overced with previous episodes. If we could sometimes assimilate these moments at dead time, since it is necessary to say that the title has less unanimously than the 2, for example, they also had the advantage of letting us breathe and allow Highlight dialogs, always a force for Naughty Dog . Because we will always remain admiring of the studio based in Santa Monica on the writing of his characters, but also and above all these dialogs that accompany the adventures, where the characters embark on the valves or make observations on the environments. A real sense of life emerges, all associated with animations that still remain examples today in this area. And it must be said that uncharted 4 has aged very well, not only visually, but also on the themes that the game addresses, in a last adventure of Nathan Drake where he takes stock of his many adventures one last time, kind of return to his origins, before hanging up.

The Lost Legacy , meanwhile spin-off went out in the form of an Alone stand in 2017, lingered rather on the characters of ChloĆ© Frazer and Nadine Ross in an open pseudo-world (which did not serve In reality only decorations at more linear missions). Also strongly of his narration, but also the highlight of frankly successful characters with a super dynamic, the title is no less interesting to discover today. The remill sublimates his many panoramas, even if like Uncharted 4, we lost at the time a little of the license which consisted of chaining the money shot, lingering on more posishing moments that brought a lot to the plot. Intrigue but who had more trouble retaining attention. In both cases, whether U4 or The Lost Legacy, we are facing games that impress for their vivacity, their staging, especially thanks to the excellent animations (movements, faces…) and especially the beauty of The artistic direction that never leaves anything at random. The interpretation of the actors and dubbing actresses always very high flight (whether in English or French), associated with labial synchronization and effective facial expressions. Nevertheless, there are still dubitatives against the gunfights of the license, both impressive for their staging and, again, the animations, but who suffered from this famous a little floating concern of the Naughty Dog games (which we find Also in The Last of US ) that sometimes lacks precision, especially in the highest levels of difficulty. We are rather curious to see how this will translate on PC.

Sublimated reinventions

But who says Remaster says games of games reviewed and corrected. Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy were already very beautiful for their time, Naughty Dog perfectly controlling his titles on their visual appearance, and revive one of these titles on PlayStation 4 today remains entirely impressive for little than one does not look too much on the resolution. So we have to say it, this remill did not have much to do and does not do anything. The visual differences are minimal, if not invisible, especially on the side of the textures and the depth of field that remain compliant with what we saw on PS4. However, the difference is clearly visible on the resolution side, the game for playing either in 4K 30fps (fidelity), in 4K upscaled from a 1440p 60fps source or 1080p 120fps (Performance +). In any case, the two games are very beautiful and if we have the screen capable of displaying the 120fps, there is a real interest to do it. However, our favorite mode remains “Performance”, with its 4K upscomed from a 1440p source of the most beautiful effect and without much difference with the native 4K mode that suffers from its 30fps. Whatever our choice, these three modes are very stable and if the 120fps mode suffers from some Framerate falls, they are too limited to have a negative impact or to be truly perceptible. The 60fps alone brings a consequent pleasure, not only for general fluidity, but also to show the superb work done on animations, more convincing than ever.

But this collection, if it is technically solid and recalls the pleasure of browsing these two titles in their time, suffers from a lack: the multiplayer. Past at the trap, it is an interesting content of Uncharted 4 which does not come back on this occasion in a collection that already suffers from criticism for its price of 50 euros, although it is possible to get both games for 10 euros if one already has one or the other in their PS4 version. The other disappointment lies in the dualsense, joystick that could have benefited from interesting sensations with Uncharted, but it is necessary to settle for vibrations a more diverse hair and the trollets that react smoothly to the shots. Far from being a success, the use of the specificities of the controller PS5 is next to the plate, hoping that Naughty Dog reviews his copy for the next studio games specifically created for * PlayStation 5 * .


Without bringing a lot more than a superior resolution and a 60 or 120 frames per second by selected visual mode, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection has the pleasure of finding the adventures of Nathan Drake as We find a band of old friends. The Baroud of Honor of the Hero of Naughty Dog is sublimated, but especially remembers all its good sides, chopped dialogs at a well-present dramatic intensity, despite a few moments of floating. As for The Lost Legacy, it is a bold title in its form, with an open quasi-world full of good ideas, which also gives good hopes about the future of the license. Certainly, the collection is not essential for people who have already returned the two titles in all directions, but as usual with this type of remill: it is the best version possible.

_Test directed by Hachim0n on PlayStation 5 following sending a code by the editor.

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