Thomas Müller leads the Bayern celebrations
Thomas Müller from FC Bayern posing laughing in a red T-shirt with a picture of him and bomber Gerd Müller. “500x has made it,” says next to it. But the message at Instagram came too late on Sunday. “I should have posted that last week,” Thomas Müller wrote, having achieved his 136th hits in the Bundesliga on Saturday at 3-2 against Leipzig. Gerd Müller came to 365 goals in his career – makes 501 together. But Thomas Müller did not care. “Unbelievable, if I think about it to share the whole thing with Gerd. When I met for the first time in 2007, he was my ‘penalty area mentor’. Now I managed to make the common 500 full,” said he with. Legend Gerd Müller had died last year. The two Müllers used a close relationship.

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