Borussia Dortmund continues to search for answers to the significant 2: 5 bankruptcy against Bayer Leverkusen. Many BVB trailers acknowledged the weak appearance in the Bundesliga with whistles. Left-back Raphael Guerreiro can understand the reaction of his own fans.

After all, 10,000 spectators were allowed to place in the Dortmunder Stadium Stadium on the past Bundesliga match. But instead of a football festival, the BVB fans saw a real debacle. With 2: 5, the black-yellow against Bayer Leverkusen documents and seemed to be particularly overwhelmed in the defensive.

“It reminded me a bit about the 1: 5 against Stuttgart. The height of the defeat was completely deserved. We were very bad that day,” Raphael Guerreiro looked back in the “Bayer Leverkusen1” interview on the defeat: “Our game with Ball was bad, there was no way, we had no real game construction, were not movable enough and have defended weakly. “

The whistles of their own fans was able to understand the Portuguese. “We’ve got five goals at home as Borussia Dortmund. That’s what we deserved this day,” says Guerreiro.

A head problem does not look at the outer chest at BVB. “We are mentally at the height. We have to communicate even more and play better,” said Guerreiro.

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Due to the most recent defeat, the Dortmund residue is already nine points on FC Bayern. The championship does not want to pick up Guerreiro. “Personally, I never lose faith. But it brings nothing when we talk. This will not get a single point anymore,” said the 28-year-old.

Guerreiro can imagine extension at the BVB

Guerreiro is now one of the most experienced players at the BVB. The contract of the left-back is still dated until 2023. When asked if he will extend the BVB, GUERreiro revealed: “The responsible persons and I will talk to each other in due course. That has not happened yet. There were only loose conversations, but nothing concrete. I would definitely be ready because I feel very well here. “

In addition, the European champion of 2016 supplemented: “I love this club very much, everyone knows. But we have to agree at the end. Of course, the new contract will be important to me, so many I will not sign anymore. So it does not have to fit “

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