Domestic VR (Virtual Reality) specialized enterprise won is a 3-day, the domestic graphic studio spring bus is merged and the integration of integration into the original NIV.

Integrate Spring apps with Service Bus using JMS 2.0: Ashish Chhabria

The newly launched Bus, which is newly launched since the merger, is a comprehensive metabus company that covers medical, marketing, games, platforms, virtual real estate, dating, education and enterprises. First, it is a solution service to companies who want marketing business on domestic and overseas marketing meta bus platforms such as Diet, Molding, Ophthalmology, including digital therapeutic agents, including digital therapeutic agents, The metaverse of the provided metabus is scheduled to proceed with the advertisement type business.

It is also planning to build a stable game development system based on the development workforce that spring buses, and to the next-generation game market, to build a stable game development system and exert it from mobile games to metaverse games. Here’s a meta bus platform using the virtual reality world ‘Symphony (tentative (tentative)’, a virtual real estate with a state-of-the-minute market, and a meta bus dating with a domestic 1st social dating app company, a meta-based adult education company Bus training, and collaboration with domestic entities.

“Won Matters,” said Won Yuan Bus, “One-Melee is a future technology company with the best VR technology in Korea, and the spring bus is a global enterprise as a global company, such as Nexon and Smile Gates, “It will be a technique to prepare for the future of the meta bus as a merger of two companies.”

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