The coach who led BVB from relegation to Europe! | History: Reinhard Saftig
Not only athletic Borussia Dortmund is so far hard for this season. The share of BVB also provided long faces in recent months. The crash of the security is now taking advantage of a longtime Borussia sponsor.

Lastly, a BVB share cost only a few euros. Compared to the past summer, the paper has lost more than 30 percent of its value.

For Judith DommmerMuth, her sign of the Supervisory Board member of Black-Yellow, has arisen so much favorable opportunity to further enlarge its shares.

As the “Ruhr news” reports, the woman of “1 & 1” boss Ralph Dommermuth was vigorously invested and more than 400,000 shares in the current course on Friday have drawn on the current course – in the sum is a volume of around 1.6 Million Euros.

BVB share currently undervalued according to experts

Thus, the stock ownership of the Dommermuths increases to almost five percent of the total shares. They benefited that the unclear economic future in times of the Corona pandemic also affected BVB directly.

Spectator revenue from home games fall to large parts away, added to the changed situation on the transfer market. A dilution effect by a capital increase in the previous autumn should also have played a role.

The prospects for the Westphalia should not be completely dark. Thus, analysts should interpret recent developments as indication that the BVB share is currently undervalued and should rise again after the pandemic. Experts from GSC Research from Dusseldorf advise already to buy the security.

Since 1999, the licensing player department of Borussia, the second team and the A-youth are outsourced to the listed Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co. Limanditgesellschaft on shares.

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