In the search for reinforcements, the BVB may have occurred in the Belgian first league. Allegedly, wing sprayer Noa long from FC Bruges into the visor of Dortmunder Borussia.

As the Italian sprayer Noas direction “Gazzetta dello sprayer Noa” reports, BVB is one of the clubs that lean with a commitment of Bruges ShootingStar Noa Lang. The 22-year-old wing runmer is considered a real top talent and has been significantly more than just an insider tip last year since its appeal to the Dutch A national team last year.

Lang’s contract in Bruges is still running until 2025, yet numerous clubs should be in position for a possible transfer in the coming summer. Next to the BVB, the “Gazzetta” mentions the AC Milan and the Premier League Clubs FC Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and FC Liverpool.

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Flexible offensive force for the BVB?

The transfer for lang is the report according to around 25 million euros. For this sum, the BVB would receive a player who has finally played on the note of the big clubs at the latest in the 2020/21 season.

With 22 scorer points in only 24 inserts, the wingers led his club in the last year to the second championship in a row. And also in the current season is already again at 16 scorer points (six goals, ten assists) in just 22 play.

Long big plus: It can not only be used on the preferred left wing, but also the right side and in the storm tip. Naturally, this makes the Dutch national player interesting for many clubs.

Also Gladbach was interested in long

In Germany, a few months ago in the headlines – but not for sprayer Noaing reasons. Because he sang an anti-Semitic Fankurven song with the fans of FC Bruges, the Belgian Association determined against him. The club, however, defended long and denied the accusation.

Already a few months ago, the Dutch was already associated with a change to the Bundesliga. At that time “Calciomercato”, Borussia Mönchengladbach was interested in a commitment.

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