There is a long list of useful items that can be found and used to improve the Kratos and Atreus equipment, but the rare materials can be difficult to find. If you have problems with this, we can help you. Here is How to get the pristine dust from the Kingdom in God of War .

How to get Virgin Kingdom dust in God of War

This extremely rare material can only be found in a place in Midgard after World Serpent lowered the water level twice. Go to rock falls that are northeast of Tyr temple on the nine.

The cataracts are right next to the giant metal door and the large rotating hydraulic wheel. Here is the exact location, in case you do not know where to go:

Once there, you must find the golden chest at the lowest level of the island. Previously he was submerged on the lake, now it will be visible right next to the hydraulic wheel. The problem here is that the chest is covered with branches that need to be destroyed with the sap of the tree of the world.

The sap you are looking for is adhered to the rotating water wheel, so you will have to synchronize an electric shot from Atreus to hit the sap on the wheel just before it falls near the chest that contains the virgin dust. This is how the location and the situation will be seen:

After timing the shot correctly, the chest and the pristine dust of the kingdom will be released can be claimed and used to improve your equipment.

That’s all you need to know about How to get the pristine dust from the Kingdom in God of War . Be sure to consult our wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other useful game information if you are looking for more suggestions.

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