One of the most successful athletes in world history occasionally leaves a big gap: Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, better known just as Tom Brady, actually pulled a final line under his 22-year-old picture career. This reports among others ESPN insider Adam deadlers as well as other US sources. Official confirmation is still out.

According to reports, several points play in the decision of the 44-year-old. So family and health should be the main factors for resignation. A smaller role should stand that the Buccaneers stand in front of a human change. Tampa Bay wanted to persuade Brady to continue, but ultimately accepted the decision of the playmaker.

Almost 20 years after the first Super Bowl

The Football Fanatics in San Mateo (California) in 1977, which had often attended the world of the 49ers under his role model Joe Montana (four Super-Bowl victories), should end his long career under his role model Joe Montana (four super-bowl victories). Almost the day 20 years ago, on January 30, 2002, the young “TB12” by Patriot’s coaching Bill Belichick (still in office) once was once a starting quarterback for Super Bowl XXXVI (36) against the then St. Louis Rams Chambered.

Thus, the young playmaker who had once been drawn in the draft 2000 had been drawn in the 6th round and on 199th place, so in fact not only produced to a starred substitute, but at the same time displaces the actually set and far more experienced Drew Bledsoe. Those Bledsoe, once first overall pick in 1993, was successful in the previous AFC final for a hobbling brady jumped up, his “student” had long since had long-term losses (bledsoe himself changed after the bills).

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The rest is NFL story: Brady won that final 20:17 against the Rams, never gave his post in the Pats, New England remained faithful by 2019 – and collected five more rings together with Head Coach Belichick. Following, when intensively talked about US media and experts from a career end, the Routinian even changed the team. He joined the Buccaneer and won the Super Bowl, his seventh and last (31: 9 against the Chiefs).

Wife Cuff: “Football is an aggressive sport”

With point 8, it should finally be this year, nothing more this season, although Brady was in the Regular Season of the statistically most successful quarterback (best values ​​in Touchdowns with 43, with successful passports with 485 – NFL record – and in thrown yards 5316). At the play-off duel with the RAMs, he even put a crazy detention hunt on the parquet – without success at the end (27:30).

Following now then, the new rumors who fed Brady himself with the following statement: the longtime star quarterback of the Patriots and Bucs, the figurehead of the entire NFL, which has long been a well-known marketing face suddenly practiced in itself.. “I have not used many thoughts on it, take it day by day,” says one of his statements about a possible career end. In conjunction with quotations from December 2021, his mindset was even more tangible: “I think I just have to look after every year, as the situation looks like for me, personally and professionally. My children will not get younger and I want to make sure they want them Also get what you need. ”

And already in the past, such thoughts were always known again and again, also from his wife Gisele cuff. The former top model and the businesswoman had often worried over time – even with regard to injury and potential consequential damages at this hard sport. In an interview with “CBS” cuffs had revealed that their husband come home regularly with brainshops: “Football is an aggressive sport. I do not think it’s healthy when you drive the body regularly.” Bradys then answer in early 2018: “I think she wants me to take care of me with further, what I love, and still be there for my children and the family when I’m needed.”

“He understands the impact”

Whole seven times at the top of the NFL: Tom Brady. Getty Images

At the end of his 22nd NFL season, this thought obviously seeped more and more in the playmaker who could still have a top physically with his 44 years. But his role as a family father he felt more attracted.

The US station “CBS” had already reported by several sources from the closest environment of “TB12” – and these have been convinced that the future Hall of Famer is already preparing for a longer resignation and soon an official official Declaration would give away. “He has great respect for the game and before the organization in Tampa and everything she did for him,” said a source-related source, but not closer called the quarterback. “He understands the effects that this decision would have on the team.” And he does not want to jeopardize the future success of the team. Nevertheless, the family is the first place. “Whatever, he decides, I expect he soon announcing it.”

This “soon” now turned to this January 29, 2022. Exactly 20 years after its appointment to the Super Bowl starter of the Patriots and 20 years after its first seven large NFL triumphen, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady pulled his final line. He leaves a legacy, which may be sorry forever, and leaves the National Football League with a race to records – such as most yards (84,520) or most touchdowns (624) of all time. As it continues with the Bucs and the NFL without their perhaps the biggest player mark ever, the nearby and distant future will show.

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