The AMAZING pitch removal system at the new Santiago Bernabéu
Cash for Real Madrid: The Spanish football record champion has allegedly closed with the American company Legends for the use of his stadium Santiago Bernabeu for the use of his Stadium Santiago Bernabeu. This is intended to contribute around 400 million euros to the royal loud Spanish newspaper Voz Populi. The company legends, which specializes in the marketing of Santiago Bernabeus facilities, expect annual revenue from 400 to 440 million euros, among other things through concerts. According to the agreement, 20 percent of profits should go to the company. The Santiago Bernabeu is currently being renovated. At the beginning of 2023 the conversion should be ready. Then the stadium will also have an extendable playing field so that it can be used for other Santiago Bernabeus such as tennis and basketball or for trade fairs and congresses. The costs for the renovation are estimated at around 800 million euros.

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