THW News & Rumors Rundown - Tippett & Ducharme Fired, Toffoli To Flames, Fleury, Giroux & More

According to record laureate Lothar Matthäus, playoffs are worth considering in the football Bundesliga. “Thinking, find a decent plan and then that must be discussed. I would not strike the file. I am open to new ideas, but basically we are used to this system in Germany,” said the “Sky” expert on the edge of the Bundesliga game Between Bayer Leverkusen and the VfB Stuttgart. The new DFL boss Donata Hops had brought Master Playoffs into conversation and thus initiated a controversial discussion. “We are football romantics and love our system. It would be very exciting at the end of the season, I’ve already played it in America. It must fit. There must be no additional load for the players. If you play ‘Best of Three’ With the best eight teams you can also get to 40 and more games, “said Matthew.

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