Video game adaptations to the big screen and girl usually end up disappointing fans. Although Stlevania and arcane of Netflix have shown that this is not always the case, the movie of _uncharted seems to fall back into the same mistakes. In this way, many are worried about the series of _ The Last of US _ for HBO. However, Pedro Pascal, actor of Joel, says there is no something to fear, and this version will honor the original work of Naughty Dog.

In a recent interview with Neelix, Pascal was questioned about the pressure that has been imposed on the series , and the expectations that the fans have of this work. This was what he commented:

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“I think the cinematographic adaptation can be more than at the height of the original game. I have absolutely no doubt that we will not disappoint the fans of the game or the new spectators. “

These are quite positive statements for production. Although until now we have only seen an official photo, as well as a pair of filtered images, we still do not have a trailer or something that gives us a larger look at the series that is under development.

The The Last of US series is expected to reach HBO at the end of 2022 . In related topics, we already know who will be Riley Abel in adaptation. Similarly, Nick Offerman joins this production.

Editor’s note:

The Last of Us series seems that it has all the potential to be a good job that gives rise honor to the work of Naughty Dog, and at the same time offers something completely new. However, nothing rule out some error along the way.

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