24 Entertainment, a subsidiary of Netsiz, is developed by the Battle Royal Action ‘Naruka: Blade Point‘, which is a net Izu is published. From 1:00 am to 1:00 am to 1:00 am, we said the event was held for free game play for all users. It is also possible to purchase NARAKA by 30% discount on steam and Epic for 7 days from February 19 to 25. The free & discount events that provide users with new season open and new congonation system updates are receiving great attention to new users and existing users.

Naraka Bladepoint Hacker. Auto block + fast normal attacks.

With excellent graphics and various close-up weapons, a combat, wire action, Pakur, and hero skills using a ranged weapon, and a “Naruka: Blade Point”, a “Nara Car: Blade Point”, a maximum of 60 people at a battlefield It is a three-person action battle Royal game that spreads the survival competition to be a person.

With the pre-adolescent collaboration update, the New Season 3 ‘The Shrine of the Seasons’ was opened and has a large-scale consion system update for new combat environmental compositions. Nara Car: Blade points to be able to enjoy Nara Car for only four days to the user’s support to reward the user’s satisfaction with the optimization and update. Proceed to the Freeweekend event to allow.
The FREEWEEKEND event that is held this time is as for the existing user and new users to create a balance environment as all existing users and new users can participate, and for smooth play, existing users and new users are each separately matched. In addition, it can be seen at a 30% discounted price of NARA in Steam and Epic for 7 days from February 19 to 25.

On the 19th that ‘Prewenish’ begins, many twitch streamers said they play Naranka. In addition, the official café of Nara Car is a free period of time in the official café in the official cafe, conducting various events participating in the streamer and user. Twitch streas and users have a team of two people ‘fantasy’ events that meet the “fantasy” events are expected to participate as much users as a free period. Otherwise ‘Tweeter Nara Carcassing’, ‘the strongest’, ‘My Survival Diary’ event is communicated with the users, and provides a variety of chicken gifts and starbucks gifts through lottery. For more information on events, you can see in the official cafe.

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