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Patrick Ittrich has convicted the attacking against his football referee Felix Zwayer on the harshest.

“That Felix Zwayer is afraid for his family is the most disgusting thing. It hurts a self,” said Ithrich in the “Ran Bundesliga Webshow”.

“I know it from the past that you are committed,” explained the 43-year-old: “You have to try to deal with it, but sometime a point is reached, where you really have to ask yourself if that makes sense to make sense ” The Hamburg ITTRICH is active in the social media, that’s why I know what can be bloomed there. But I find it incredibly disgusting. “

Football players would also be “offended, discriminated and insulted,” the police officer emphasized: “I do not know what people imagine to do what a right they have on it. That’s not a right-free space. Whether it is in the stadium or on the internet – I do not know what that should. “

The Berlin Zwayer had prescribed himself after publicity due to the top game between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern Munich (2: 3) at the beginning of December.

During this time he got help from numerous people and colleagues. He also received “from the psychological area”. “These talks have brought a lot. I like to accept help,” said Zwayer at “Sky” to his comeback in mid-February at the second division game Hannover 96 against Darmstadt 98.

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