Dennis Schröder will probably end the season after his trade to the Houston Rockets also with the Texans. This reports insider mark stone with reference to ligaintal sources.

Accordingly, neither Schröder nor Rockets would like a buyout in front of the deadline on March 1st, says. Players who come to their new team after this date are no longer entitled to run in the playoffs.

Most recently, Schröder had already been told in the _hild_interview that he feels comfortable in Houston and could even imagine staying in the long term at the current cellar of the West. There he should serve as a mentor for the young players, at 24.1 years on average, the Rockets provide one of the most inexperienced teams of the league.

Dennis Schröder Highlights | Houston Rockets

This is quite surprising, finally Schröder emphasized some time ago that he did not feel like a rebuild. At the same time, the Rockets will probably not be able to pay the Germans, more than the Midlevel exception over 10.1 million they can not offer him in summer. Schröder is more likely to strive for a long-term contract in the range of 20 million a year.

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NBA: Schröder and Theis changed teams

Schröder was shrinked in front of the Trade Deadline from the Boston Celtics to the Houston Rockets. In return Daniel Theis moved back to his old home. Enes Freedom and Bruno Fernando were also part of the deal, with the former being released immediately.

In his first three games for his new team, the German presented 12.0 points in 29 minutes, 4.0 rebounds and 7.7 assists in average, with his throw left to be desired (36.4 percent out of the field, 25 percent threesome).

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The Rockets stand out with a balance sheet of 15-43 at the last place of Western Conference and already have three games behind the Thunder in front of them.

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