Anillo de Elden has been setting on the Internet fire since it was launched at the end of last week. Fans not only try to collaborate with each other to learn all the biggest secrets of the game, but some simply try to get some advice to deal with the head of opening. And although much of the approach that surrounds anillo de Elden has been with respect to its playability and open world, some players are giving us a better idea of ​​how good the character’s creator is.

In a new publication in the anillo of Elden_Subreddit today, a user with the name U / Massiive3 ended sharing his own character in the game that was inspired by the Beloved Actor Samuel L. Jackson. Specifically, the design of this character that the user chose was inspired by the appearance of Jackson in the film. _Fictment of the pulp, where he has been wearing long hair. «Di incredible chest ahead one more time, son of a bitch! I challenge you, I challenge you double! » He said of the photo of the publication that was shared in the subnetdit, in allusion to a famous phrase that Jackson pronounces in fillet of the pulp.

Samuel L. Jackson Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Samuel L Jackson of Pulp Fiction “Steak” di cofre Amazing ahead one more time, son of a bitch! You challenge you, I challenge you double! ” from

Not long after being published, this creation of the character of Samuel L. Jackson jumped to the top of the anillo of Elden Subreddit. Many users began to praise creation as one of the best they had seen so far since the launch of anillo de Elden. Others asked how they could end up doing the same character for them. Fortunately, the Creator ended up sharing a video showing his own sliding controls in the game for others to duplicate the appearance. That video can be found here if you are interested

If you are looking to collect Anillo from Elden at this time, you can currently do it on PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms. And if you want to listen to our own opinion about the game, you can consult our review here.

Have you been playing anillo de Elden for yourself since it was released last week? And if so, did you create a character who resembled anyone from the real world? Let me know in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.

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