_ ELDENRING _ has numerous mechanics that the players need to learn and understand how they can use them within experience. The integration of systems was a key element of many fromSoftware games and eldenring is no different in this regard. Such an object that the players will collect is especially the “ritual pot”, and some have asked themselves what the player can actually use him for. Whether you are preparing for a fight with one of the bosses or just want to know something about another subject. This editorial guides you through the process, for which the ritual pot was meant eldenring and where to find it.

Location of the ritual pot in the Elden Ring

Of course, if you plan to use the ritual piston, you must first find it. To do this, you have to travel to specific places to get it. There are a few places where you can find it, one of them is in the Royal Captial, especially the ‘Auriza Side Tomb’. There are 2 ritual pots that can be found in this area.

Another place where you can find it is in the Academy of Raya Lucaria in the “School Classroom”. If you find the hall with the wizards, there is a chest at the end of the hall, which contains the ritual piston. The ritual pot itself is as a key element in the world of eldenring.

However, this is not the only place where you can find, you will also be sold by ‘Isolated Merchant’ in ‘Dragonbarrow’ for 3000 Runes or at ‘Pida’ in Caria Manor. You can keep a maximum of 20 ritual puffs at the same time for your character, so it is essential to cover themselves with them to get another advantage over their enemies within experience, and certainly helpful from time to time in groups of enemies and boss struggles.

Unlike the prophecy painting in Elden Ring, the ritual pot is an object that is more common. Another place where you can snap yourself is located in the region “Liurnia of the lakes”, and you will find a corpse with the object in the “Laskyar ruins” north of it near some columns that the player watches can.

What is the ELDEN ring ritual pot used?

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As soon as you have received the ritual pot, you now want to know what he can actually be used. It is an essential object to produce ritual pot objects. Whenever a pot is thrown with the content of what they have made, the pot effects essentially as a bomb and affects the enemies in the area, or all other effects that made it for the ritual pot, are unleashed in the area.

There is a wide selection of different effects that you can manufacture for the ritualty pot eldenring.

_ ELDENRING _ is now available for players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

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