SKICROSSERIN Daniela Maier is renewed from the International Ski Association Fis the third place at Olympia. The IOC announces the case. The athlete is “surprised and curious”.

Daniela Maier was no more Olympic medal winner than she rose from the plane in Munich in the late Saturday afternoon. “I am surprisingly surprised by the new situation,” said the Skicrosserin after the decision of the World Association FIS, to seek the bronze medal recovered in Beijing. In addition, so Maier, be “curious, what happens now”. They experience “such a situation for the first time” and will check “together with the German Ski Federation and the DOSB all legal means”.

Her third place she had gotten after the emotional finale in the Genting Snowpark from the Rennyury after a video proof, at least is g1. The FIS Appeal Commission gave a protest of the Swiss Ski Association Swiss Ski, the medal thus went to the Swiss Fanny Smith. This was first ranked four after the final for disability from Maier.

The German Ski Association (DSV) was caught by the announcement of the decision, but does not want to leave the decision of the FIS and fight for Maier. “We will examine all legal action in coordination with the DOSB,” said DSV President Franz Steinle the side. The DSV would probably go to the International Sports Court CAS.

What actually happens to the bronze medal is finally in the hands of the International Olympic Committee. The IOC has already announced to check the case if all processes are finished at FIS level.

Olympic Medal: Maier “Can not understand theater”

DSV-Alpinchef Wolfgang Maier does not believe that Daniela Maier has to surrender the medal. It is “an IOC medal and no FIS medal,” said the 61-year-old of M√ľnchner Merkur / Tz media group. He keep the topic for “completely wrong. I can not understand the theater and not, why the FIS is now going and her knows an IOC medal. That’s scandalous for me.”

The FIS Appeal Commission took on the video recordings of the race at four sessions over hours and checked written records. Originally, an action by Smith was subsequently punished as a disability Maier with a yellow card after a yellow card – it was reset after lengthy consultations.

Smith was clearly recognizable to the destination with her left ski clearly in the driving line of Maier and hindered the Germans – the FIS now evaluated as a touch in the normal race, “the not to be prevented” is and, as a result, only one “Official Warning” should have been allowed to go.

“Of course, I’m facilitated by this decision,” Smith is quoted in a message from Swiss Ski. She had been “always convinced”, “that I did not make a mistake. At the same time it hurts me for Daniela Maier, which is now the suffering of the situation.”

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In fact, after the finish, Maier had not considered the situation in question as punarily for her competitor. “No, no, no, no, no,” she shouted during the minute review of the scene through the racing jury and shook his head again and again: “That was normal skicross.”

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