The collaboration will certainly come to the end of March “BTS is a world phenomenon , its allure as well as impact has no comparison,” shared Harold Teo , FREE Fire producer in Garena. “We are really delighted to welcome BTS as our newest brand ambassadors, and we can not wait to share even more details of the partnership we have in progression.”

Free Fire has actually already gained a track record for its intriguing cooperations ** that include incentives for the community, such as that we saw with Road Fighter in mid-2021, or Assassin’s Creed revealed at the start of this year.

Garena Free Fire (2020) - Battle Royale Gameplay (HD) [1080p60FPS]

When will we understand more details? Garena did not specify or disclose more than we currently share, but asked her area, as normal, not take off the sight of her social media networks ** for any kind of information -Facebook, Instagram and YouTube-.

The popular Battle Royale on mobile, Complimentary Fire, has actually simply revealed his brand-new cooperation , this time joining pressures with BTS , the extremely popular Korean pop band. There is no particular details regarding this crossover, but we understand what is preparing Garena, we will see it End of March **.

In situation you do not know the name, BTS is currently among the most preferred music teams right now, with numerous fans ** around the globe. Now not only his fans, yet additionally FREE Fire players can see the band under a new job that can take us by shock.

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