The debuts of The Witcher of Netflix last year have stormed internet by combining a book and a series of wonderful video games with the wisely defined jaw of Henry Cavil. Since fans have reached the last episode of the season, we are waiting for his return. The production had to take a break because of the Covid-19 pandemic, like many other productions, but they have since returned to the shoot. There is not really a concrete schedule on the moment when we can expect to see new episodes, but new photos of production show that they are ready to start teasing fans.

In recent days, the Netflix series Twitter account shows us pictures of characters from the three main characters: Geralt, Yennifer and Ciri, and they all seem to be in a bad state. Finally, not Geralt. At least not worse than usual. Each message was legended with a little poetry, alluding to what will happen. We see Geralt in a new armor. His armor in the first season was more scailed, but his new armor is louder. We also see Ciri, who was once a docile princess, now learning to fight. The last time we saw Yennifer, she apparently disappears after triggering a powerful explosion of flames. His pictures show that she can be captured and have problems.

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Perhaps during or at the end of the coming season, we will see Ciri start looking a little more like his warrior video game counterpart. I hope we will also have a little more information about the mini-series premelles Blood Origin at some point.

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