RGM Report is a hidden story that you can go to Lost Ark. You can find this story in Scraplands on the ARTENTINE continent. You need to make sure that you killed monsters in the area, as they will follow you in place.

Where is the hidden story of RGM Report?

You can find this hidden history in the south of Soldier’s ant nest Dungeon, but north of Covebrus testing platform . It will be like a cliff, towering over a large canyon. Move to the northwest side of this rock and inspect the edge to find papers that really stick out.

RGM Report Lost Ark Hidden Story

Discover this hidden history, exploring the paper on Earth. The place is marked on the map above.

It’s a bit away from you, but next to the Soldier Ant Nest’s dungeon is a tap. Monsters seem to want to follow the player as soon as they look at each other’s eyes, so quickly kill them when you get there.

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