After Christian Streich had given interviews for television, he jogged across the lawn of the Bochum Ruhrstadion. Nobody was already there from the home fans, but the cassburious Freiburg sang tirelessly “Christian Streich, you are the best man” in the re-sky above the Ruhr area.

“I’m ran over, because they called my name. I did not want to be rude, so I’m educated,” Freiburg’s head coach described one of the rare appearances in front of their own fans. On Wednesday evening but it had to be, because after the 2-1 win after extension, the SC Freiburg stands in the semi-final of the DFB Cup. So far, the Breisgauer introduced before: 2012/13 was against the VFB Stuttgart (1: 2) terminus.

Streich and Günter celebrated three times in Berlin

Also then the SC coach Christian Streich, today’s captain Christian Günter sat as a young player already on the bench. Now the duo is only a encounter from the final, both already experienced with the A-youth. “It was great at that time, I know everything else, that’s great to deny a German final in Berlin,” remembered prank. In 2011 he triumphed and Günter with the U19 against Rostock, 2006 (against Karlsruhe) and 2009 (against Dortmund) the then Jugendcoach strick crowned in the capital. “If you only have a game up to Berlin in front of the chest, you can not say, so I’m satisfied,” said Günter and the substitute Roland Sallai, protecting the decisive gate in the 120 minutes, clearly asked: “We want to go Berlin into the final. That’s our goal. “

Sporty it is great. In the championship we have so many points that we have no worries. It can carry on like this.

Christian Streich

VfL Bochum - Augsburg Elfmeterschießen 27.10.2021 - Ruhrstadion rastet aus #vflbochum

Under the Bochum floodlight, an individual error of VfL defender Maxim Leitsch helped to decide. Because the hosts fought forces, the guests were very difficult. However, every SC professional has “prevailed. That was a pure will victory,” Günter praised. Above all, his side man, central defender Nico Schlotterbeck, tailored again (Ruhrstadion note 1.5). The 22-year-old acknowledged in the defensive and caused great spacious gains with vests. A guarantee for the victory. “That means a lot to me,” said prank about the result satisfied and swarmed over the ever better season 2021/22: “Sporty is great. In the championship we have so many points that we have no worries. So it can not worry continue. “

At RB Leipzig on Saturday (kick-off 15.30, live! With Ruhrstadion), the sports club can make the next step in the fight for the entry into an international competition, on Sunday evening the semi-final opponent will be drawn. “A home game would be nice, which would have earned our fans,” says Günter. In the trophy he and his colleagues so far had to turn away four times away.

What the fans can – and do not prank

At least a preferred opponent does not queue prank and the fantasies of the trophy he would rather left others anyway. “I should not dream so much, but working decent,” said the 56-year-old and added, “Fans can dream, that’s why they are fans. I’m making my job as a coach.” And sometimes, sometimes the corridor is in the curve.

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