In a rhythm, the U23 could not really come this year. First it was the long winter break and the late restart, then followed on the home win against Victoria Clarholz two weeks ago a play-free weekend. Now, at the beginning of March, mandatory number two stands for the eagle carrier. On Sunday (15:15 clock) the young prussia are demanded at the TuS Ennepetal. “Finally it goes on again. In view of the break it was all the more important for us that we started victory, “says coach Kieran Schulze-MarmaMeling, who is on a good way with his team, as he says. “After the long break it was difficult to assess where we stand. The victory gave us a good feeling, we also realized that in training. Against Ennepetal it will probably be a similar game on Sunday. “

Just a few kilometers from Wuppertal, where the regional league team of Prussia is almost parallel on Sunday, it will go for the U23 around the next very important Oberliga points. And they can be groundbreaking. Ennepetal is 16 16 points in 16, three counters behind the eagle carriers. “So we have the opportunity to distance you on six points. That would be a good step. If you win the game, you can also tackle the climbing round. But we have to win, otherwise it is certainly that it continues in the relegation round. But no matter where, the points help us or something, “the U23 coach looks at the duel. The rise round currently lacks four counters, but there are two duels with direct counterparties.

Dramatischer Oberliga-Auftakt für Ennepetal gegen ASC Dortmund | TuS Ennepetal - ASC 09 Dortmund
In the end, however, it should also no matter where it continues for the U23. If she manages to continue its development, the quality will range for the league. And exactly for this development was the long winter break including a long preparation may be beneficial. “Our game with Ball we have quickly internalized, that was important. As a result, we were able to work on our problem areas and make progress there, “said the coach, which further emphasizes:” The development of guys is just fun. You feel how they grow – up and besides the square. I am also convinced that, if you develop in addition to the place, that also reflects itself in the field. “An improved factor that it will arrive again on Sunday was the stable defensive against Clarholz. “We have not approved anything against a team that is strong in standards and kept the zero. This gave us new self-confidence. “If the eagles also succeeds in the Tus Ennepetetal, the chances of the next success experience are good.

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