On Sunday, the eagle carriers travel to the stadium at the zoo and are also allowed to look forward to numerous supporters from the Münsterland. Nearly 500 guest tickets have been sold so far, more about 250 tickets are still available. Since there will be no daily courses for guests in Wuppertal, advance sales in Münster must be used. The tickets are available until Friday (18:00) in the fan and ticket shop at the Fiffi-Schiele-Weg 1 and to Saturday evening (20:00) in the Münster arcades.

10: 27 Relief train from Münster

For the Away Driver, the train provides a relief train that brings the prussia fans quickly and easily to Wuppertal. The train starts at 10:27 am at Münsteraner Central Station and stops at 11:39 in Wuppertal-Sonnborn. Back then – also from Sonnborn – at 16:53 clock. The general tariff regulations and as in the entire rail traffic apply a permanent mask obligation.

Access regulations and stadium opening

Cash Register Express (CRE) - End of Day Operations

In the stadium on the zoo, the 2G-Plus control as well as a permanent mask obligation apply. This is checked during the inlet and is shown according to experience more time. The inlet therefore starts at 12:00 clock. It is strongly recommended to enter the stadium as early as possible and to provide all necessary evidence.

The guest fans are only available to the entrance at the Kornstraße.

For these, on arrival with private cars, the parking lots of Kornstraße (immediately adjacent to the guest entrance), Sonnborner shore and on the Bayersports hall.

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