Navegal’s Fate Another Story is a complex quest, as there is no marker or tips. We recommend complete the storyline of the Northern North, before starting this quest. As soon as you complete the main storyline, the level of your equipment will be high enough so you can do it right away.

Where is the “fate envy”?

Go to Highlands Fesnar in the northern right to start this quest. Go to the barrier trail and go to 1 on the map above. There you will see a bunch of enemies dealing with something ritual.

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Start fighting with them, but focus on Messenger Veloran . When you kill this enemy a sufficient number of times, they will fall orders voela . Right-click ORDERS VELOUSN To use it and start the quest.

In the same area you will need to assemble desecrated soul fragments . You must kill enemies around you so that you can consider glowing lights over the bloody explosive stains.

Finally, talk with magic scholar Hokentrub Ghost, in place 2 on the map above. If you have a high level of equipment, you can execute this quest rather quickly, which will make it one of the simplest quests “Other Story”.

Awards for Quest:

  • 46 340 experience
  • 1320 team experience
  • 7850 Silver
  • 2 chest selection of combat items

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