During the PlayStation State of Play today, Capcom revealed a new game of dinosaurs with a red-haired protagonist who looked a lot like Dinosaur_Crisis Regina. The PlayStation classic fanatics of 1999 initially thought that this game was a new entry of the series, but instead it turned out to be a new IP called Exoprimal. Weather Exoprimal Gender and tone seem a marked contrast with Crisis of dinosaur, there is a true feeling of disappointment by fans who have been waiting for almost 19 years by a new game. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be meant to be.

Time Exoprimal It looks a little different from the first _ Dinosaur_Crisis, it is easy to see why some fans were fooled by the trailer. In addition to the dinosaurs and twice assembly, exoprimal The futuristic environment of ‘s did not seem very far from what we saw in 2003’s _ Dinosaurs 3_. Of course, that particular game is not remembered with so much affection as the original. _ Dinosaur_Crisis_, but there is a certain similarity in the designs. At the end of the day, it is probably better than exoprimal is not a new game of Dino Crisis, but that did not prevent fanatics from resorting to social networks to share their disappointment.

Keep reading to see what fans say about dinosaur_risis!

Larger. Annoy. Always.


Today is an annoyance for Dino Crisis fanatics.


Maybe it never happens.


For some, it made all the game state a disappointment.


… but I’m sure it’s not a dino crisis!


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