Old blade of the fighter in the “Lost Ark” – one of the most gloomy records in foliants of adventurers in the game. The name of the collectibles – “Old Blade of the Fighter”, and it can be found on the Continent Shushir (or in other areas if you were already in Shushire).

Where is the Old Blade of the fighter in Shushire?

You must kill monsters with gold auras above the heads to find this subject of collectibles. Collectible items fall out of monsters randomly, so there is no guarantee that you get them. Just continue to farm special monsters until they fall out.

Lost Ark - 100% Shushire Adventurer's Tome Guide (Cooking, Collectibles, Stories and more)

This is the old sword of prisoners forced to fight in the arena. He rusted, but on him the blood of many violent killings. We do not recommend trying to find it in the prison area. We tried to look for it in prison, but you must be disguised in prison missions, and the alert of guards leads to instant death.

Although placing the collectibles in your foliates of the adventure seeker – it’s fun, always better take care of security before doing it. The best place is Riensen village Since he has no enemies and he is the main village for Shushir.

Open your inventory by clicking on I key, then right-click on Dental Bag Blade . The folyiant adventurist will inform you when shabby blade of the fighter The collection is added.

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