Because the Youngster not only finished the thirst for the thirst for the Cologne Storm but turned the game with two dreams.

“Turning the game with a U 19 player shows our approach to putting our DNA on young hungry players,” Jeans looked forward to the microphone of “magenta sport” about the 2: 1 success of his team. His team had fallen into residue despite the opponent after the reverse of the sideways and especially in attack. Then Amyn came, to whom the co-trainer had given his own data “Wusel front, show what you had a driving house”. And the act of the 18-year-old, moved four minutes after his interiors from the outer train inwards and sank the ball untenable at the angle. A dream gate serving the victory hit in the final minute as a blueprint.

Coincidence was not the two goals and their origin: “After training, I always take a few balls and some of the team. Precise in the center and then seek the conclusion, I train more often,” explained the Yookster after the game. A fact that also marked with his coach proudly: “He was very diligent in the last few weeks. That he and us then rewarded – class!”

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100 points for Timing

Finally, the season for Amyn has so far been little product: in 28 games, the attacker just shot two hits and knows himself: “Of course I am young, but there would have to go anymore.” Especially in Timing, his coach still sees potential: “He still has to make a little jump between when must the ball be delivered, when do I play the final ball or when I can make a dribbling,” Jan├čen summoned, but smiled Add: “I have to say, he has 100 points today and the coach will not go into criticism tomorrow.”

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