Anyone who has spent only a bit of time in Arkesia since the release of Lost Ark is likely to be encountered more than once on one of the numerous bots in the game, which, among other things, commissors the chat with gold advertising. This spam is also a nuisance for many players as the fact that these bots fell especially in the first days after the appearance of the A-RPG’s already overcrowded servers and thus caused only longer queues. But the developers do not look at the same time.

1 million banns are only the first step in the fight against the botplage

Lost Ark's Fake Player Numbers - Bans 1 MILLION+ Bot Accounts - Amazon's Queue Problems Solved?

Meanwhile, the team has again confirmed by SmileGate that now more than a million “illegal accounts” from Bot’s had a spell. According to the developer, these locks should only be the first step in the ongoing fight against the bots. The developers write in an official blog post:
After this first massive number of locks, we will continue to interrogate additional locks to remove even more bots from the game. In addition, we also work on internal methods and tools to make bots in the game more difficult, especially with regard to to the current speed with which you are created. These updates will soon be available for the game.

What exactly these measures exist, the developers did not want to say more precisely. But they were urgently pointed out that the purchase and sale of gold against real money against the Terms of Use of Lost Ark (now buy 19.99 €) and draws a barrier.

Incidentally, the SmileGate team gained the current work on various well-known problems of the game, including the match search and waiting for European servers. Both are to have improved significantly after the release of the March update, so that the quality of the gaming experience for fans should have increased accordingly.

Source: Amazon Games Studios

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