Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator is the best collection game in anime-fighter genre. Players are trying to collect all the best fighters of different rarity, ranging from ordinary and ending with mythical and special characters. These fighters are needed for the game, allowing you to win the most difficult bosses and make the most cruel raids on every island.

In-game currency, yen, is one of the few tools that players can use to buy new characters or receiving one of the rare characters. Even if you do not have enough funds to get the characters you hope, there are several ways to accumulate yen as soon as possible.

Cruity Daily Wheel

How to get YEN fast and be PRO on Anime Fighters Simulator | Roblox

One way to quickly collect Yen is twist the daily wheel . You have a chance to get by 29% more yen than usual and in any way. You can rotate this wheel once a day, and although there is no guarantee that you will receive a yen update, try still.

Get 2 times more yen

Another good way to increase the number of yen is open the store menu and Buy 2x yen upgrade . This update will bring you twice asien as usual, but it costs a little robuks . If you want to earn Yen as soon as possible without fuss, this is the best way to do it. You can also go further and take Magnet update What allows you to absorb any falling yen ** directly to you.

Attack of enemies

One of the easiest ways to accumulate Yen is fighting with enemies scattered through the islands. Every time you defeat the enemy, they throw a few coins for you to collect. The best enemies on which you should focus are bosses and Golden characters . From these NPC falls more yen than from other enemies, which speeds up the process.

Complete Test Trial

Tests on time dungeons that you can pass to get awards. You must destroy all enemies in the room before the designated timer elapses. This is the best way to get a significant amount of yen in a short time. However, the dungeon is a bit more complicated for new players. If you * want to make an even more huge collection of yen, you can purchase * Increasing the yen for the test that will reward you with a huge amount of coins after passing the dungeon.

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