Despite his name, the Developer Naughty Dog takes the beautiful road this year, helping those who need it.

The recently announced development team on Twitter will give all funds from its recent partnership with Limited Run Games to various charities. The two companies associate earlier this year to produce the physical versions of his hit jak and daxter reissues for Playstation 4.

In his accompanying blog article, the developer entered a little more detail, linking the gift to his recent 35th anniversary celebration. Evan Wells, President of Naughty Dog, explained that all benefits would go to different groups, including K9 for Warriors, Child’s Play, Surfrider Foundation, LGBT Center of Los Angeles, AbleGamers and Dagers.

“We are proud to support these groups who defend and advancing the important work for accessibility, environmental conservation, veterans, LGBTQ + community and children’s hospitals,” said Wells.. “It would not be possible without you – our incredible fans – or our partners at Sony Interactive Entertainment and Limited Run Games, who have defended and supported this vision from the beginning.”

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The four Jak and Daxter games, including the out-of-shop _jak x, _ physically released with standard and collector editions throughout the year. They ended up being the huge success with The Fans, selling almost instantly. The collector editions in particular have been quickly recovered, with the exclusive objects like the boxes.

For those who missed these versions, do not worry. Digital Jak and Daxter Games are always available on the PlayStation Store now.

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