GARENA has recently revealed that it has banned more than 4.3 million accounts from Free Fire in the last two weeks. According to the editor and developer, all these logins were prohibited by using different ways to cheat on the popular Battle Royale for mobile devices.

“We left this moment to remind you that playing together with cheats will also have consequences. The fight against traps is a constant mission for us. To guarantee the experience and fun of all, we ask all players who do not use trampas_,” stand out from Golden.

Most cases of traps were to be transferred by walls and antennas, which represented 40% and 36.8% of the prohibitions, respectively.

Check below the reasons why you can suspend an account in Free Fire:

  • Use modified and / or unauthorized versions of the application of the game;
  • Use programs, applications or routines that interact with the application or games server;
  • Use unofficial programs that alter the game;
  • Modify the game files or server communication;
  • Take advantage of defects or errors to change the game;
  • Have the account reported by several players at the same time that we detect abnormal activities in the game;

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* Skip the FREE Fire anti-traps system through the illegal data transfer.

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