Run the weekly maintenance of Lost Ark, say the servers are currently offline! The maintenance is started on 17 March 2022 at 08:00. According to this forum mail of community moderator Masigbart, the Realms should go online only in six hours. However, the indication is to be caution because in other posts of only four hours maintenance is speech. Between 12:00 and 14:00 o’clock you can count again with servers – except natural, the people of Amazon Game Studios are faster.

Compensation and hotfixes

Publisher Amazon Games plays in the course of maintenance some hotfixes on the live servers. In addition, players can look forward to a kind of reparation, which had problems with the Tytahl-Guardian RAID due to a bug last . Here are the official German “patch notes”:

  • _The events in the game were adjusted so that they are now being triggered correctly at summer time. Please note that the time in the game may differ depending on the local summer time settings of the player’s computer; We will introduce a permanent solution for this problem in the future.
  • Ausgrund the problems with the timers in the game and the associated confusion as the temporary Arkesia-Grand Prix event took place, we provide all players 3,000 Grand Prix Event tokens. This currency will be made available to you automatically in the Universal Storage.
  • Wir are also aware of a mistake that turns players to attend Arkesia’s grand prize when they try to complete the event quest with a character under level 50. Although this error is not resolved in this update, we work on a fix that is released during the event period.

- Lost Ark - Maintenance/Hot Fixes/Event/Chance To Make Gold


  • _The players who performed the Tytahlos guardian raid, while he was faulty, get compensation for lost objects. The exact compensation will vary from users to users, as players have consumed different items during their raid, but may include: _
    • Customable Combat objects
    • Phöxfedern
    • Blue crystals
      These items will be found after completing the maintenance in your mailbox.
  • Monatile and weekly crystal bonus packages now grant the players to the corresponding bonuses. We have also granted all the bonuses that have been missed, while these errors occurred, and these crystals can be taken from your warehouse as soon as you log in.

As soon as the servers of Lost Ark (Buy Now 19.99 €) are online again, we update this message.

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