Against Betis Seville, Rode came in the 104th minute for the game and did the team felt noticeably well with his experience. “He made it very well and showed the same footballing quality he has. Again and again he has initiated the attacks forward,” praises Glasner. In Leipzig Rode should be the first choice. “Sebastian is certainly a candidate, but also Ajdin Hrustic has already done very well in the central midfield,” the coach does not want to look into the cards. On Saturday he will talk again with the recently again struck Rode again to clarify how that of the 31-year-old feels. The final decision is probably only on Sunday.

Whether it comes to further personnel changes, also depends on how players have moved away the nerve crimin against Betis for 120 minutes. However, Glasner does not want to hear complaints. “We want that, we want many games. The boys is much better than when I hurt them twice a day on the training place,” says the coach. “If one does not feel able to play, there are many other players burning to a startTarf insert. That’s why a team will definitely stand on Sunday, which is totally focused, with great victory will occur And try to come back with three points from Leipzig. “

Youngster Knauf did not stand on Friday on the training place after he had gotten something against Betis in an opposing grasse in the knee luck. But Glasner rather stresses the positive: “If someone had told Ansgar Knauf three months ago: ‘You play every game from the beginning to over 90 minutes, stand in the Europa League eighth place and are regular in the Bundesliga.’ He would have said, ‘Where can I sign? I play every day.’ So the boy must see that. This is an award for him, which he has earned with his achievements. You can not do that you can play football in the gray Bundesliga all day. ” Especially especially the Eintracht in Leipzig does not expect the gray everyday life, because there is no longer a viewer restrictions there. Glasner is really looking forward to the backdrop: “That’s for the first time since I do not know how long a full house, and our fans are there.”

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