Paradox interactive, developer and publisher of games that are empirically superior, today revealed overlord, an upcoming extension for stellaris.

Overlord will provide players access to new features that focus on a more complex management of their intergalactic empires, from specialized vassals to mighty new megastructures. The gamers can use these new features to bring order and fame into the galaxy – or to force them to their knees.

Overlord will soon be available for the PC version of Stellaris and appear for stellaris together with the free update 3.4 “Cepheus”. This update contains new content and adjustments for all players and is part of the continuous efforts of the Custodian team to continuously improve Stellaris.

A trailer for overlord extension can be seen here:

Stellaris: Overlord Expansion | Announcement Trailer | Wishlist Now

In Overlord, ambitious leader will unlock a new level of Reich administration and realize their large plans for the universe. Specialized vassal rolls allow the players to guide the planets in their kingdom either unexpected heights of glory or keep them under control.

New enclaves will provide unprecedented possibilities and challenges. A selection of novel megastructures will provide alternatives that continues to expand and extend faster. Five brand new origins, new music and other features will be included when Overlord will be on the market later this year.

“The stories that our players have told Stellaris over the last six years, put us in astonishment again and again,” says Stephen Muray, Game Director of Stellaris at Paradox Development Studio. “We have seen as Imperse ascend and fall, combine and destroy and face open or hidden with their galactic neighbors. With Overlord, we want to give the players more options and opportunities to realize their own, space operators’ to build a universe full of large houses or buoyant vassals and see how long they can keep the power about what they have created. More details about what it means to be a galactic overlord, we will soon announce! “

Hopefully there is also information about possible implementation for consoles. In the past, it was the rule that all extension is always announced first for PC and then published some time later for Xbox and PlayStation.

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