In the end, one was somehow agreed. Fabian N├╝rnberger, who had launched the club (12th), then experienced opportunity giant of his team, which awarded several high-cowardly for a comfortable projection. “The 1: 1 was already hard,” commented on the 22-year Christoph Darnerers compensation, which was prepared by trainer Capretti for the start-up AGYEMANG Diawusie glossy, in the only chance of the newcomer in the first section (42).

An absolute driver, as Nuremberg confessed. Although you have tried to get the “minds again”, but the goal has “already done with one”. After the break, dynamo has taken control of the control, “we have hard to do and have not come into play again,” confessed the midfielder.

Nuremberg first took us, we could be glad that we were not 3: 0 in arrears.

Christoph Darnerer

Kevin Broll Hoffnung by Still

Dresden scorer DAFERNER struck in the same notch: “Nuremberg first took us, we could be glad that we were not 3: 0 in arrears.” The scorer, who made the dozen with his goal, but also correctly analyzed that “we could have gained it in the second half.”

Special Lob for Broll

His special thanks Galt Kevin Broll: “Kevin is one of our most important players, you have to say that very clearly. He keeps us in the first round of life. Chapeau, Kevin!” So on the keeper is leaving, yet DAFERNER would wish that Broll is not so much in the focus: “We are not allowed to leave that much next time so he does not work so much.”

Next time, this is a serious task again for Dynamo: In front of a local backdrop, the Saxons await the next ascension aspirants on April 1 with Schalke 04.

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