On the 21st, the SIE announced that SIE acquired ‘Haven Studios’ through the official blog.

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Haven Studios (Haven Studios) is a new established company that has developed the Establis and Assassin’s Creed series in the past Ubi Soft Toronto. Jade Raymond has established a new title of the Haven Studios in March after leaving in Google Stadia, Buddhist Diamis, in February 2021, and has developed a new title of PS camp, and has signed a partnership of SIE from the time. One step further and the SIE is incorporated into the first party with the SIE acquires Haven Studios.

“We have been a privilege that could work closely with the Haven Studios last year, and was deeply impressed with the growth and development of the Studio,” The Haven Studios in the PlayStation Studio is glad to join and said.

Located in Montreal in Canada, Haven Studios developed a multiplayer ‘AAA’ game that is available on PS currently available on PS, but information on detailed games has not yet been disclosed.

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