When players receive a ship and go to the open sea of ​​Arkesey in Lost Ark, they will definitely notice many new icons on the world map. These colorful attractions celebrate new exciting adventures and dangerous dangers that adventure crawls must overcome, exploring the islands and collecting wet seeds.

Lost Ark Map Icons


Pier look like white wigwams, which for a certain period of time act as docks.

Cold seas

Cold Snap Seas are marked with blue frozen ships and cause damage and slow down the ships.

Ghost ship


Ghost ships are gray ships denoting weekly meetings in the raids.


Golden anchors mark ports for different continents.

Seas Sand Storm

Golden Tornado notes the sea of ​​sandstone storms that apply additional damage to ships and reduce visibility.

Sires of the sea

Sea Siren marked with a pink mermaid and stun the ship if he remains in his waters for too long.

Stormy seas

The blue wave indicates Tempest Seas, which turn off the skills and damage the ships.

Dead Waters

Dead waters are marked with gray gloomy reapers and strongly reduce the health and speed of ships.

bed with algae

Laminaria look like turquoise algae. They are full of algae, which exponentially slow down the speed of the ship, the longer it is in the area.

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