Sale titles for Nintendo Switch were added on March 24th at Nintendo E-Shop. About 120 titles including works that are relatively unusual for sale are applied to the lineup. In this paper, we pick up some from those titles. In addition, the selling period of the introduction title is the shortest and until March 30. It should be noted that the sale period is different for each title.

First of all, as a title of a major domestic software manufacturer, the 25th anniversary of the slow life ranch management game “Ranch story Olive Town and the Hope Earth” is 30% off 4604 yen. A 3D action shooter game “Earth Defense Force 3 for Nintendo Switch” is 20% off 3D Action Shooting Games “Earth Defense Force 3 for Nintendo Switch”, who protects the earth from huge invaders in hundreds of weapons. “Earth Defense Force 2 for Nintendo Switch” is 25% off 2980 yen. Girl and mysterious buddy together and great adventure 2.5D horizontal scroll action game “Wonder Boy Asasha In Monster World” is half price of 1914 yen. Escape games and full-scale suspense fused high difficulty trap adventure games “Closed room Sacrifice / ABYSS OF THE SACRIFICE” is sold for half price 1990 yen. In addition, the “Tsukul series witch and 66 mushroom” is a bargain, such as 2D search action game “Tsukul series witch and 66 mushrooms” to capture a large witch labyrinth with magic power.

Also, as a title of Ubi isofu, a dance game series that can be danced together according to the hits by hit songs The latest work “Just Dance 2022” is 30% off 4466 yen. The Caribbean Healthy Pirates and the Ultimate Assassin Hunter, “Assassin Creed Hiked his Libel Collection” to enjoy two stories is 3300 yen. Open World Action Advantling Greek Mythic World ADV Game “Immortal’s Finich Rising” 65% off. 70% off the “Child-Lite + Valian Heart The Great War” with RPG, which draws the growth story of the girl and the puzzle adventure game that draws the tragedy and brave hearts under battle. A property trading board game “Monopoly Madness”, which can disturb the rivals with a bulldozer, etc., is 40% off.

As an indie title, a strange demon can be cooked and made stronger action RPG “Dungeon Man Cheese” is 30% off 1470 yen. Log Like Action RPG “Manas Park” is an 80% off Rog Like Action RPG “Manas Park”, which takes place with a slave. Cyberpunk Adventure Games “2064: Reed Only Memories Integral” is 70% off 70% off the Cyberpunk Adventure Game “2064: Reed Only Memories Integral” is 70% off huge conspiracy to Neo San Francisco Neo San Francisco. A rhythm dodgeball game “Superdodge Ball Beats” is 80% off the rhythm dodgeball game “Superdodge Ball Beats” is 80% off. The gods fight the fist Facture game “Fight of Gods” is 40% off 720 yen.

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The “Coffe Talk” creator worked, the Heart Warming short-story adventure game to travel to that world “What Comes After” is half price 385 yen. A high-paced 2D action game “Steel Assault” influenced by the 1990’s arcade game is 40% off 1008 yen. A school Survival horror game that ran away from a brutal murderer who chases for an ecstilism. The sequel “The Koma 2: Visissist Sisters” is 60% off 880 yen. Points & Click ADV Games with Hand Drawn Visual Visual Visual Visual Visual Visual Points & Click ADV Games “When the past WAS AROUND Past” is half-price 450 yen. Fighting game “Fight of Animals” fights for “right hook dog” is sold for 40% off 600 yen.

In addition, in Nintendo e-shop, large titles such as “Dragon Quest Builders 2” and “Large Reversal Trial 1 & 2” are Sale (Related Articles). Indie titles updated the lowest price are also lined up (related articles). Let’s check the sale page so as not to miss.

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