Gladbach defender Matthias Ginter has denied rumors about an alleged agreement with FC Bayern Munich.

“I do not know where the rumors come from that a change to Bayern Munich is established. I did not like a decision about my future,” said the 28-year-old defender of the “Editorial Network Germany”.

It will “probably take a few weeks,” until he agreed with a new club, Ginter supplemented: “Whether in- or abroad, is also open at the moment. There are several options and I’m looking forward to which it is tense End becomes. “

At FC Bayern he is traded as a possible successor of Niklas Süle, who changes to Borussia Dortmund.

Ginter consecrates flick

One who knows about Ginter’s plans is national coach Hansi Flick. “I’ve already made the experience that a national coach rather assessed the personal performance of a player than the club. I have been nominated as the table with the Sc Freiburg for the national team, as second with Borussia Dortmund but not”, but not Declared Ginter, why he took Flick in his considerations with the boat and added: “Regardless of a possible club change, the opinion of Hansi Flick is basically important to me.”

In Gladbach, the Ginter leaves after five years, he would have been “another end”. There have been “a lot of restlessness around the club – unfortunately also for my person” in the past few months.

Nach Frage zu BVB-Star: Matthias Ginter sorgt für Lacher bei DFB-Pressekonferenz
“I did not know this bustle so yet. These many construction sites are certainly not contributed to the fact that it ran better on the square.” But he is thankful for the “outstanding time” at Borussia.

Ginter: “I do not know what I could have done differently”

However, he does not make allegations due to the crash. “Of course, I’ve made this question and am a self-critical guy. But honestly: I would not know what I could have done differently in the review,” explained Ginter and added, “Of course, every mistake does, too. “

That it came around the turn of the year even to the dispute with denied rumorss director Max Eberl, because Ginter made his future decision without arrangement publicly, the defense man is sorry. Ginter would like to meet again with Eberl, which lasted his office last due to mental exhaustion.

“I would definitely wish for me. He has already fought me in Freiburg around me, then brought me from BVB. It was sensational, what he did the first years for me,” Ginter said. “He has always placed in front of the team. I hope he’s well recovering.”

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