In the first semifinals of the World Cup qualification of Oceania, first a balanced game developed. With increasing playing time, the two teams also improved – and Papua New Guinea used the first chance to lead the lead: After a free kick from the half-field, Emmanuel Airem brought the ball again in the middle, where Komolong, the in Germany at Fortuna Cologne and the Stuttgart World Cups were under contract, to 1: 0 met (23rd).

England v Turkey 1985 (FULL MATCH) World Cup Qualifier - Wembley Stadium

The goal was a wake up for the Salomoner. They took over the game control and played numerous opportunities. However, Alwin Hou (26th, 27th) and Raphael Ohanua Lea’i JR (32.) gave three good compensation. First-mentioned showed in the 33rd minute but cold snopy: the offensive player met dryly into the long corner and scored the deserved compensation.

Lea’alafa awards from the point

Unlike the first goal of the game, the hits changed little this time. Papua New Guinea had in the defensive visibly trouble and luck, not to get back before the break. The impartial showed after a foul of Komolong to Raphael Ohanua Lea’i JR to the point, but penaltyman Leea’alafa only met the post (40th), so it remained at 1: 1.

Papua New Guinea designed the match after the restart balanced and at a counterattack 2: 1 on the foot: Tommy Semmy Drosch the ball but over the gate (54th). Then the Salomoner returned the command and were rewarded with a double strike. First Alwin Hou laced his double pack (65th) with a volley removal, then Raphael Ohanua Leea’i JR (71.) hit 3: 1.

Papua New Guinea risked more in the final phase and enabled the Solomon’s numerous good counter chances but not used. Shortly before the end, the “Papua” for a willpass of ATI Kepo still tried to 2: 3 (88.), so once again tension brought in. The goal, however, came too late, so that the Salomones divided into the final of the World Cup qualifier in Oceania. There they meet either on New Zealand or Tahiti.

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