A good month is Elden Ring now available and the 12 million specimens sold cover themselves with the assessment of our test that the role play is a true masterpiece. If you have just started your journey into the Zwischenland, we recommend our entry-level tips and tell you what important items you should not miss.

Caution Spoiler: In the following article we mention bosses and areas that are in the later game, among other things. So do not read further if you are still in the beginning.

These include both Mohgs and Margits chain, the two items are extremely practical. Not only that they captivate the boss of the same name in his first phase twice for a short time on the ground, they also have a hidden benefit. The pretty exhausting hero graves become easier with them with them a whole corner.

How to Easily Beat Margit (SUPER CHEESE) - Elden Ring 1st Boss

mohgs and margits chain: helpful in the heroic grave

As Reddit users shared JHM-Grosen in a celebrated video, one can drive with the chains namely elsewhere Schabernack. On the hint of Reddit users Stormeth he has emanated himself in the tomb of the hero of Auriza , a cave that she finds in the Altus Plateau, on the edge of the walls of the capital.

There dangerous chariot cars wait for you who patrol the inside of the hero tomb and who may already know her from other catacombs. In this cave, however, you can destroy the charit cars by climbing a fire column at some point, which then completes a light field and thus conjures another stewer.

It comes to a collision, in which all of the obstacles meet and jump into their items – whereupon you will reward with a armor set and a spell. But if you mohg or margits chain in the luggage, you do not have to run the wide path through the dungeon.

Instead, you can activate one of the chains in the vicinity of the incoming light field, which rises the column to complete the light field and thus summarizes the new charcoal car. So you can already create the annoying obstacles from the neck at the beginning of the cave and explore the rest in peace.

Bug or feature?

As Reddit users reported JHM-Grosen, this extra function does not seem to be bound to a certain heroic grave, but also works in other caves. So if you want to boot from a fire or descend from afar, you should just hold one of the two chains.

This can not only be practical to complete any light fields, but also to give you the annoying fire temporarily from the neck. The community is still uncertain whether it is a bug or a designated feature.

As it looks, the chains seem to emit a huge surface shockwave that does not cause damage, but counts as attack and therefore influences the fire columns that react to any form of attacks. Even if the two items work as well as they should, it remains questionable whether from software had in the implementation of these special benefits in mind.

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